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Name: The Broken Land (55.00% in 2 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Unknown
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Nameless


Storyline - The land has been shattered, and covered in darkness. You as a chosen warrior of god, will search accross the broken land to find the 5 pieces of god's weapon, only then peace and light will return to this land again.

Gameplay - Its basically an action/rpg much like diablo. There are 4 chararcters(warrior, swordsman, bowman, axewoman) to choose from to start your adventure, each with its own strength as level goes up. On your journey, you'll likely found some of npcs and have up to 3 of them to join you. Sometime you might find that there is no more room, don't worry, you can combine 2 characters into one with combied skills, which is a neat idea. Each character will have a life, magic, and vital meter. All should know what happen when life drops to 0, while magic and vital is required for the specially skills of each character. The basic idea is to kill anything that moves, in turn you gain experience for leveling up and golds to buy goods at a shop. Each piece of weapons and armour will have a value of defence, attack, magic defence, speed, ect. While having a very powerful weapon or armour is good, but usually it has a large negative speed value, which means you'll swing as fast as a 80 year old man or run like a turtle. But no sweat, thats when smith shop comes into play, you can combine special stones with any weapon to change its attributes.

The Good - Superb graphics, sounds, and character animations, especially later in the game, the horrifying atmosphere is as real as it can be. Will likely take awhile to complete.

The Bad - No damage indication, espicially when fighting level end bosses, seems like taking forever, usually last about few minutes or up to more than half hour of non-stop clicking. No keyboard controls, just some hot keys. Be warned, there is tons of monsters everywhere you go, and you'll do alot of clicking until you learn some explosive magic spell like, ice dragon.

The Bottomline - Best thing about this game, is that almost anyone can play it, most the revelant infos are represented by symbols and numbers. This is a game I spent more than one day on it, so it must be worth something.
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