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Name: DieGekiRin 3 (70.00% in 1 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: TGL - Chinese
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Nameless


Storyline - Somewhere along the country side, a bottomless pit was discovered. People believe beneath the pit lay a magical kingdom. Afterward, six famous explorers and adventures formed a search team and went into the pit, but since then, none has returned. Ten years later, One of the explorer's son finally decided to search out his father as well the truth beneath the pit.

Gameplay - This is basically a rpg with real time battle mode. Other than the standard feature all the rpg share, The new aspect of this game are the extra accessorys you can equip on your weapon or armour. Any weapon or armour can put on from 1 to 6 accessorys that might increase its range, effect or power etc. This mean you can customize your weapon any way you want, and the combinations are almost endless. There now are certain weapon value on each weapon or armour, once its all use up, you lose it for good. I recommand you to always carry a few in the backpack, as i find that barehand fighting are almost totally useless. The game include a mini map that'll keep you from getting lost in the maze, as well many red crystal altars, that act like a transporter. It will transport you to any previous visited location, and make travelling a lot easier.

The Good - Easy to use game controls. Lots of actions. Good save option, allow you to start just before you died. Well done 3d graphics.

The Bad - Illogical weapon system, you lose weapon durability value as long as you are swinging, even if you miss. If you don't press the attack button as fast as you can in battle, surely you'll die often.

The Bottomline - I didn't play too much of this game, cause i look for fun in a game, not spending lots of time to learn the game. Therfore, this is not a game for everyone, only for those who are looking for some challenge in the rpg category.
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