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Name: Farland Odyssey (93.00% in 20 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: TGL - Chinese
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Nameless


Storyline - Although related to the farland saga series, this game occur on a new continent with its own set of characters. It all started when a unknown boy named dyan stole a sacred book, his plan is to awaken the legendary god to cause havoc on this land, once the king aware of dyan's plan, he secretly hired some bounty hunters which turn out to be the heroes of the game that will put an end to dyan's plan, or a greater evil force is behind all of this?

Gameplay - The most noticable variation in this game is its real time turn based battle, no separate screen needed. Everytime you take a step, enermies take a step, you don't move, they don't move. As in real mode, where the enermies never give you the time to think. You will unlikly make a hasty mistake in this mode, while not slowing down the game too much. The battle system is pretty simple, just few keys to remember. All the equipments, magic, items are well described as well. You can pick any of the avaiable members to attack or use all of them. Personlly, I use only one guy most of the time mainly for its easy maneuver. Somewhere into the game, you will get a chance to build your house, by adding or upgrading. One thing for sure, its very costy and not required to finish the game, it just for fun i guess. This game also include a casino where you can earn some coins to trade for rare items, but likely you will lose more than you win just like real life.

The Good - The graphics, sounds are just as beautiful as the original farland series, not to mention humorous dialogues. On top of that, new style of game play, randomized map, and its easy to use interface, its almost flawless in every way you look at it.

TThe Bad - Almost none, except i find the group attack almost totally useless. When the first guy moves, others follow him, nothing else. If he attacks, others have to attack too, which unlikey for the monsters to be near each of your member all the time. Secondly, set up a hot keys for those special techniques would be nice.

The Bottomline - If you like farland saga and its sequel, then you'll enjoy this title as well. This is certainly another classic rpg in the making, and once you started, you won't want to quit till the end, i know i won't.
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