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Name: Elder Blaze (80.00% in 4 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Nihon Create
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Nameless

Storyline - As you return from your training, while passing through a village, you discover a abandoned dungeon. Rumours says many people went into the dungeon, but none has returned, except their soul. Is it just a mirage? or the legendary treasure(god's mark) is waiting for a true warrior to acclaim it. To answer the question, you and your partner went through the door and into the deadly unknown.

Gameplay - Instead of explaining all the small details, lets just say its similar to the diablo engine, and offering many added new features on top of it. First this game is turned based, and more than 30 randomized floors to explore everytime your start. After each 5 floors, there is a mystic floor, that act as a shop where you can sell, buy and some other options. Sometimes its a shine where you can change class and get back to the beginning to save your stats. The class include bowman, magician, fighter etc. Other than the strength and weakness for each class, there is aslo a power move can be done that usually to be used only on a near death moment. There is also some npc you'll encounter during your adventure, you might find it helpful or deadly to you. The main feature its the added computer parnter to aid you in battle, and to store some rare items after you return to the surface. Depend on the bonues point destributed on its attribute, your parnter will evolve into one of serval monster forms. Now there are durability meters on your equipments, it lowers everytime you use or defend against it. There are meters for hungry, charge, health as well. Hungry meter affect your health, charge affect accuracy, and health affect your life of course.

The Good - easy to use interface, most of the infomations and items are on separate windowed screen that can be accessed freely. Turn based battle on map really speed up the game, while no need to pause the game to think about your next move as in real time.

The Bad - everytime you return from the dungeon, died in battle, or continue a saved game, only items you feed to your monster are saved and some of your stats. This mean if you don't finish the game in one try, you'll have to work your levels from scratch again.

The Bottomline - A diablo based clone with many added features make this game easy to play, yet hard to win. I would recommand to all the players out there who like these type of game, it'll glue you to your computer for awhile.
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