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Name: Arc The Lad 1 (85.00% in 6 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: PSX
Company: Sony
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Tamahome

Hi, since all the hype today is on RPGs, especially RPGs for the psx such as Xenogears, Final Fantasy 7, Parasite Eve and all those square games, I might as well review an old game which is probably the first RPG game out for the psx. For those who know the game, yes it is Arc The Lad. Arc The Lad is an RPG game which is fun to play, has a good story line and has good graphics for the time. Arc the Lad was set in a weird time when Magic, technology has been mixed together. There are telephones, electricity, flying ships and guns, and yet the main characters fought with fists, swords and magic spells from the elements.

The game itself has really good graphics for the time and the colors of the background is also astonishing. Clear voices in an RPG game was also used. The game itself has very nice music and the character designs are good as well. This game was released in 1995, so comaparing to many RPG games today released by square, it is nothing, but comparing to other games such as Samurai Showdown RPG and all those other 2D ones, it is very good.

Here are the ratings I give to this game:

Gameplay: 5/10 -- The gameplay of this game is pretty good, with pretty good graphics and magic scenes. The game itself is so short that I do not even consider it an RPG. If you ignore the 100 level dungeon, then there are only about 5-6 hours of gameplay. I mean comeon, seriously, how can it be an RPG game if you can finish it within a day right?

Music: 8/10 -- Comparing to many of the musical tracks introduced in games today, Arc the Lad has good soundtracks and there are some tracks I really like such as the sad track that they play whenever there is a sad flashback.

Graphics: 8/10 -- It might not be 3D or nor is the background moving, but the game has good graphics, the backgrounds of some of the scenes are very detailed and colorful and very realistic. I remember myself saying "Wow, this can be accomplished on a console system?"

Story: 8/10 -- Good story, but too short, they could've made this game a lot longer and more interesting, but then that's what sequels are for right? :)

Overall: 7/10 -- Although this game has never made it to the states, I would still recommend playing this game just because you can use the characters from the game and use them in the second game and then used the characters from the second game and used them on the third game. So it is fun to see the characters progress from the last game and kept all the items with them.
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