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Name: Kyouiku Jisshuu - Teaching Practice (57.78% in 9 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Tetratech
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

Here's another great H-game that many Hentai lovers will be able to enjoy. Kyouiku Jisshuu is an H-game released by Tetratech that deal with high school. However, unlike many other H-games that set the theme in high school, you play as a student teacher (practical training or intern) instead of being a student.

In Kyouiku Jisshuu, you are a student teacher or intern that is assigned to an all girl high school. During the two weeks of intern, you will meet 3 students and 2 teacher and have fun with them (of course! That's the whole point of an H-game). By going to the correct room in the correct sequence, you will encounter different events no matter what the dates are. If you did not go on the first day, the event will stay there until you visit the place. In fact, you cannot proceed further if you did not go through the events.

Overall, this is a game only recommended for H-gamers. The game emphasizes its focus on the H-scenes in the game. There are no gameplay at all like many other H-AVG games. However, you might need to play a few times before seeing all the H-scenes. During the game, you will have time in the morning and afternoon to walk around campus. If you did not go to certain place to trigger events and, instead, went home, you won't be able to meet more girls or proceed in seeing H-scenes until you go there. So if you missed one event, you might not be able to see certain H-scenes.


Graphic - 8/10 One of the features in the game that is worth mentioning is the animated H-scene. You will see the vibrators or hands animated.

Story - 6.5/10 The story is simple. You are teaching English for two weeks in a high school. While the two weeks of teaching, you will have fun with the students as well as the teacher and school nurse. There aren't very much details of each characters besides their names. However, this might be good for those who just trying to enjoy the "H" part of the game.

Gameplay - 4/10 This game is easy to finish. You will be able to complete the game in 40 minutes. Just make sure that you walk to every place twice each time.

Music 6/10 There are few BGM that is please to hear for short period of time. There isn't too much variety in the music. About 8 midis are all the game have.

If you found any error or would liked to receive more information, please email me. Thanks.
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