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Name: Kotobuki (79.29% in 14 votes)
Type: ACT
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Himeya Soft
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: PhoT3K

One of the first English translated games by 'Himeya Soft Inc/C-Ware', this basically is a bomber-man type puzzle game consisting of a character on the screen eliminating enemies using billiards. Although this concept is fairly new, these type of hentai-puzzle games aren't, Marble Cooking is another example. However, what it lacks in gameplay, it makes up for with graphics...

"The C's ware characters, who were always treated as sex toys, joined together to organize the C's ware team. And now they're out to get revenge. The objective of the C's ware Team: the objective of their organization was a very ridiculous, "To kidnap the game users and create a reverse heaven in C's ware Land!" However, two people stood up to them to prevent this from happening. Their names were Pao and Pino."

The story is pretty bland, worse than a Quake story, heck, there is NO story.

H Content:
There is an h-pic every time you finish 2 levels and a single boss level, this can be tedious are repetitive but I was surprised at the quality of the h-pics, although they aren't exactly 'new' and spectacularly gorgeous, they are of high quality and look great. By far one of the best looking English H-game so far, (I'm not commenting on in-game graphics however...).

The graphics are sharp and clear, nothing really pixilated here or there. The in game graphic characters are "bubbly", meaning they look just like those characters in other classic games like Puzzle Bobble, Bomber Man, Marble Cooking...etc. They look nice and you'd never wonder whether or not if this was an old translated game.

How you play the game seems relatively simple, there is a screen with breakable tiles with enemies walking around, you can place a cue ball along with other numbered balls, basically you hit enemies with the numbered balls, the higher the number, the higher the damage. To do this you hit the numbered balls with the cue ball....this may sound simple but gets pretty complicated once you get jump balls, and angled shots. Pretty easy to catch on but like all puzzle games of this nature, it gets repetitive, especially over 20 levels.

Well the music were pretty good except some of the music didn’t really go with the scene. The sound was excellent because of the fact that they put voices in it so it became more interesting.

There is a CG gallery and an area to listen to the in game music.

Rating: 70%
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