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Name: Kenshin (100.00% in 1 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: PSX
Company: Sony
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Tabris

If you have read the manga for this series, i don't think you would be unfamiliar with these characters.

Yet, this game is different, this game is about the ten warriors. As you begin the game, you choose from either a guy or a girl. The story begins with a village getting burned down. Suddenly the flashback is over and Kenshin is walking around on the streets. He suddenly bumps into this young guy who is getting bullied. He helps the young guy out but he suddenly gets a Headache and runs away. Awhile later in Tokyo, we learned that Kenshin left and Yahiko and Kaoru is left in Tokyo. The young guy soons meets these two in Tokyo. All of a sudden you are encounter by these mindless civilians. You then take courage to help out the civilians. This starts your adventure of finding out the truth behind yourself, as well as help stop the legendary ten warriors.

The game play of this is a really new concept. You have 6 commands and you can choose to either attack high middle or low. It is like paper scissors and rock. The high have advantage over middle, middle have advantage over low, low have advantage over high attacks. Also there is a special attack which i find really nice. Animated scenes are also in this game in character introduction, as well as after finishing an opponent off with a special attack. For Yahiko, special attacks can be learned and the main character and Kaoru can learn some as well. This game also features a gallery to look at some original drawings from the artist and the special attacks in the game are taken directly from the manga as well =) Although this game seems easy at first, as the game gets more complicated, the enemy gets stronger, ( i mean way stronger). Leaving me with endless hours to level all the characters up.

I find this game overall fun to play. The game have nice game play, and a really nice story. The bad side of the game is the graphics can be improved somewhat though for a touch of PSX feel. The music is not that good as well. If you are a supporter of Kenshin, i think the music and the normal graphics wouldn't bother you very much.
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