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Name: Kichiruou Rance (78.57% in 21 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Alicesoft
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: Twinkle

As a head of brigands Rance was living a free and easy life, when a punitive expedition of the Herman army suddenly wiped out all his men. Rance alone barely escaped with his life from the Hermans. At the invitation of Princess Rhea, he then became king of Regius and set about rescuing Sheile held in captivity...

Story: 100%
The story of the game can roughly be divided into two parts - the unification of the human world and the war with demons. There is also a 'hidden' scenario after unifying the demon world, but I'll leave it for you to find it yourself to your pleasure (^_^) You will also enjoy multiple scenarios in the gameplay, as greatly different sets of events will take place depending on how you proceed with your conquest. There are fourteen possible endings in total, which vary from happy ones to ending up as the 'King of Demons'.

H Content: 83%
As the game's title 'Kichiku-ou' shows, you can have fun with almost all the girls you come across (the translator's note: 'kichiku' means 'brute' or 'fiendish', but in the world of H-games it usually refers to the genre of games that features rape, kidnapping, torture, paedophilia and other sorts of abuses). Rance has already done quite enough of kichiku things in the previous games of the series, but it now looks like his position as a king has further spurred on his actions... There is quite conveniently a 'harem command' too, so that whenever you want you can have fun with the girls you keep in the harem.

Graphics: 100%
The style of the graphics is a bit different from the previous Rance series, since the chief designer in charge has now changed. Still the pics (all in 256 colours) have a very high standard. The CGs of the characters for battle scenes too are drawn to the smallest detail and pleasing to the eye.

Sound: 80%
The music is all stored in CD-DA tracks, so there should be many of you out there who can only listen to the special effects. I've got an original CD copy of the game and can listen to its music too, much of which is really excellent. So get a CD copy with the music...I'd especially recommend the one used for the opening (^_^)

System/Setup: 80%
Japanese Windows 95 is required to run the game. You should also have a high-performance machine to play the game smoothly, as the recommended CPU is Pentium 100MHz or above. The programme has a built-in capacity to measure at the start-up the graphic adaptor and CPU specification of your machine against its benchmarks, letting you know whether or not it will run fast enough. This function should be useful for purposes other than the gameplay itself, too.

Game Play: 75%
You will enjoy Kichikuou not only as an H game but also a simulation game. A single gameplay won't be the end of the story. The more you play the game, the more unseen events you'll come across, and you may even find some unexpected people joining your party now - such is the depth of the gameplay of Kichikuou, although it may prove a bit difficult if you aren't used to its system. It will certainly help you better understand the story of Kichikuou if you've already played the previous Rance series.

Extras: 100%
Once you've seen an ending a photoshop option and a music option (needs CD-DA) will pop up, so that you can view the CGs you've cleared so far in the game. The menu screen also includes a 'Destiny Mode' option that allows you to check your fortune/ misfortune.

Rating: 88%
An 'echoing effect' when you move its large map screen with the mouse, an option for skipping messages - all these extras scrupulously built into the gameplay account for my giving bonus points here.

This game being my personal favourite, my ratings are also favourably biased overall. But it is, I believe, worth playing.
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