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Name: Kakyusei (61.61% in 56 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Elf
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Tabris

Kakyusei, translated lower class mates, is another one of ELF games. In the PC version, the game is a Hentai, while on Saturn, ELF decides to just make it over 18 with no Hentai contents (unless you consider bras and underwears Hentai). To my surprise, this game is only around 20 megs in PC version while the Saturn version have 3 cds! (2 cds are for the game, the last cd is the cg gallery after you beat the game). And when i played this game, there is no doubt that it needs that many cds. The game have digital voice in the background. This is very nice in that PC version did not have digital voice. I am surprise that ELF can also change the nice background music that have been improved from PC's mono to Saturn's surround sound. The gameplay is pretty much similar to PC version of Kakyusei. You start from the last year of High School, and when you first started to notice that this is your last year, you decide to make the best out of it.

You as the main character, can go out on the map and run into girls and also call them up and have a date with her. This game is like a combination of Doukyusei and Tokimeki Memorial. Although this game combines the two elements that makes a game more interesting, this game did not get the audience like Doukyusei 2 did.

Little things i would like to mention is that in the room of the main character, i saw a Yui poster and i thought that was really cute =) Also the game have a nice story for each girl you encounter. Many CGs are also improved drastically. Even though they are the saw picture, the quality of every dot in the picture is grammatically changed. (possibly because the game was 16 colors and in Saturn the game is 32-bit). Yet, it is to my surprise that ELF wants to leave this game (as well as the Doukyusei 2 and Dragon Knight 4) as a all around age level game instead og staying with their normal "H" scenes. This is certainly a new change but i don't think that the change is working that good since most people buy ELF games for its quality H-contents.
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