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Name: Kaerunyo Banyon (78.75% in 8 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Alicesoft
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

Alice Soft has been famous for its top-seller's PC soft including Rance series, Zero, Vestal Virgin, and more. Being rated as the top PC software company in Japan, Alice Soft has brought you another great title, Kaerunyo Banyon (My best translation of the title is "Bunny Goes Home"). If you have been playing their games, you should know that the gameplay of the software is far more difficult than other H-games. Kaeru is not an exception as well. I have being playing the game for over 20 hours by now, and yet I have not being able to obtain the good ending. Hopefully, I can someday get the good ending of the game.

This game started out with a humorous and cute intro by asking whether you have heard the name Rance. While Rance is busy conquering the cities around the continent, there is a peaceful country located in the Southeast of the continent, Paranchyo. In this country, everyone lives a happy life. No one in the country is poor or rich. Everything seems perfectly fine. However, the King of Paranchyu is now 60 years old. The king, Peperon Charle, needs to decide whom to give the crown to: Pitten, older son, or Peron, younger son. As a result, the king gave the two sons a mission to find the most valuable treasure. The king will give his crown to the son who found the most valuable treasure. Thus, the older brother went up north and the younger brother went west. While Poron, the main character, is in his journey to find the treasure, he met a witch who was ordered by his brother Pitten to trap Poron. The witch turned Poron into a bunny. Now, Poron needs to find his way back to Paranchyo in order to change back to his human form. Before Poron heads back to Paranchyo, he will rescue seven girls surrounded by monsters. The seven girls will thus help Poron to safely return to Paranchyo.

Kaeru is a simulation RPG type of game. In this game, the seven girls will be in your commands to defeat the monsters on your way back. Poron will be in the back healing these girls and using some useful magic. The nifty feature in this game is that each female will be able to power up or change class by using the items you have trade with the goblins you caught. When you change your class, some of your power will increase dramatically when you level up. If you change to a fighter, your attack power will increase more when you level up. If you change to a witch, your magic power will increase more.

The game is multi path. There are total of six stages. As you go further in the game more path will appear. In the last stage, there will be six paths you can choose. If you choose the wrong path, you will get a bad end.

Overall, this is an excellent game to play. The gameplay is really fun. The graphic is nice. However, there aren't too many H-scenes in the game. You will get an H-scene when you finish the game. You will also see some H-scene throughout the game. There is a Memory mode that you can view about 48 pictures in the game. However, not all the 48 pictures are H, but all of them are really nice to appreciate.


Graphics - 8/10 The game has a lot of nice drawings. However, the H-scenes don't really fit into the game. I think the H-scenes are just something extra that they added in. You will only see an H-pic at the end of some battles or during class change where the person you trade the items with will have fun with the goblins you caught.

Music - 7/10 Good sound effect. I kind of liked the music in there. It's nice to hear them.

Gameplay - 10/10 This is what I call it a game. You will enjoy the fun fighting those monsters, but the best feature of the game is the class change. It is really hard to trade items with the devil using the goblins you have caught. In order to get a more powerful class change item, you need to combine different goblins together. You will get hints by giving the devil a goblin or you can get hints from the monsters you killed.

Story - 8/10 Cute story. This is very similar to the fairy tales about a prince turned into a frog and eventually change back to prince with a kiss from the princess (I forgot the title of the tale). I felt I was back to childhood again.
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