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Name: Love Potion (71.43% in 14 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Himeya Soft
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Staisen

C's Ware has been translating several of its games into English to capitalize on the un-tapped English market. This is one of the games.

In this game, you play Yuichi Sakuma, a secret agent for the Japanese Educational Society (JES). JES is a private organization that has been set up to ensure that there are no criminal elements within the school system. As crimes are usually hidden in the private schools and it is difficult for the police to infiltrate them, agents are sent in various guises to spy on the schools. In this game, you have been sent as a biology teacher to Amamiya Private School, which is supposed to be a famous girl's school that is situated on the outskirts of a city. Several of the students in the schools have ran away from their homes recently and the last agent sent into the school, Megumi Sasaki, had disappeared mysteriously. You have to find out the truth behind the disappearances.

As can be seen, there is nothing original about this game and the plot is a simple rehash of the majority of the hentai games on the market. There is also little replay value in this game since you can view the majority of the pictures in the bonus omake mode. The game has only one end and it only allows you to follow one path. As such, a player can deliberately click on the wrong choice and be assured that there will be no ill consequences.

Pros: There are only a few English translated games on the market so those who do not understand English will probably enjoy this game. On the whole, the translation is quite good though some weird sentences like "the darkness was omnivorous" can be found in the game. It does make the game funnier though.

Cons: Virtually no replay value at all. Since there is only one path throughout the game, you can easily finish the game within a few hours. The quality of the pictures is also not very good, although it is understandable since the game was originally made in 1994.

Recommended for: Those who play just for the h-pics since it is very easy to obtain them. The game should also appeal to those who do not understand Japanese. As the game is set in a school, there are quite a few h-scenes featuring schoolgirls whoch should appeal to those who have such fetishes.
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