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Name: Little My Maid (81.67% in 12 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Sweet Basil
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Lamuness

I think I should write a AVG review every once in a while hehe...

The player is a person who considers himself a failure. He had a cute girlfriend at high school. However, the player couldn't pass the Japanese university entrance exams, but her girlfriend did. So your girlfriend goes to college, and that kinda cause the "break-up." The player, after tons of re-studying at home, decided to take a break and go to the ocean and relax. At the beach, he saw a cute girl in maid uniform being harrassed by 3 guys. You went to save the girl (if you choose to, that is), and the girl thanked you. The girl introduced herself as Mari, one of the 3 maids working at a nearby cottage house called "Ryu-kyu-kan." Mari took you to the house, which require rowing a boat and passing through a dense fog into an unknown and mysterious terrain, and ask her master if you can be the guest of the house. The owner of the house agrees, and that is how the story begins. So, will the maids be able to help the player recover from his depression? This looks plain, but there is more to that. However, I am not here to give spoilers so you have to find out yourself :P

Basically the game is a combination of teaching-simulation (teach what? guess) and love AVG game. Each day, you can call in maids for "teaching," and you can choose soft or hard (but not as "hard" as you think). Whatever you do will affect each of the maid's 3 parameters: love, trust, and energy. Each activity will affect the parameters differently. Love is obvious, trust affects the maid's willingness, and energy is consumed after activity, and if energy runs out, the maid will drop dead and will not be available anymore for the day. You also have an energy bar, and you too will drop dead and fall asleep for the day if you run out of energy. Of course, all these will lead you to different endings (around 11 of them, ranging from good to bad). Besides communicating with the maids, you can do other stuff as well such as exploring the house and the surroundings.

This may look like some slave game, but it really isn't in my opinion. Little My Maid is definitely not a dark game. The mood and environment is pretty bright, sometimes warm. The "teachings" are very mild. Most of the time you can get to good endings only if you don't "force yourself" too much. In addition, the maids are the cutest girls I have ever seen in any Hgames. They are so cute that you really don't want to hurt them (unless you are one of those weirdos like my boss). The graphics are really nicely done, and the cuteness in the maids is most prolly the selling point of this game. Hehe, I am using Little My Maid as my wallpaper now...

Gameplay wise, it's really just click-click-click, nothing else despite the simulation part of the game, but just watch out for the maid's status as well as your own. Many events are fixed like an AVG so there really isn't a simulation part. You should be able to get to an ending in 1 hr or so, assuming that you read and understand all the text and know what you are doing (ie if you mindless click, you should be done in half and hour). So the gameplay in Little My Maid is just mediocre, which makes the game very easy and short. Plus, you only spend 3 days in the game before you get to an ending, so you can finish the game very quickly.

Why did I play this game? Prolly the same reason as most other Little My Maid players have: the maids are cute~! In short, this game has nice and really cute graphics but it does not stand out at all in terms of gameplay. The endings (aka spoiler) are kinda sudden and out of place. The main ending (if you can get to it) is pretty nice and touching, but the other endings (good or bad) seriously need to be more in-depth. The plot is acceptable, but kinda plain unless (or until) you understand the spoiler. Little My Maid is really nothing but eye candy (a good eye candy though!). Overall, it's alright I guess. If you are looking for something that is in-depth, you should consider other works.
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