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Name: White Album (73.33% in 6 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Leaf
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Lamuness

Well well, it's the first time I ever did a review for a Leaf game. I have never played any previous Leaf games until now coz White Album is so popular so I decided to get a crack at it.

You play a role of a very normal university student, but the only thing that makes you different than the others is that your girlfriend Yuki (who you have been going out with since high school) is an idol adored by thousands of fans. And because of Yuki's increasing popularity, the distance between you and her start to increase as right now it's up to you to either pull Yuki back closer to you, or find someone else who you love as much as (if not more than) you love Yuki.

Why call "White Album"?? This is because the game takes place during the winter, the season of white snowflakes, and you have to, in 4 months time (November to February), build an album of fond memories (whether happy or sad) with the girl you love.

Enough of this dramatic crap. White Album is a typical AVG game with the common AVG commands and text dialogues. Also, the game has the SLG element in which you have to plan your weekly schedule. You can choose to go to classes, or go see Yuki at studio, or go do a part-time job, or be a tutor. And as you do stuff your HP (energy) drops and you need to take a day of rest in time or else you will be unconsciuous for a few days.

During your schedule, you might meet different girls, and when you chat with them, there will be a "chat topic selection" displaying on the screen. This design is seen in a couple of other dating games as well such as Can Can Bunny Primo and even Noel, one of the first dating games for the PSX. With this design, you can choose the topic of conversation and talk about general stuff, sports, fashion etc...This design in my opinion is a pretty good design because it makes the conversation more realistic. There are other situations when you can choose either to lie to girls and not tell them about the truth about sth or just admit and apologize, which I think is also a good design.

In terms of multimedia, the graphics is really great and are better than the previous Leaf games. Even if you take out the Hscenes this game is still enjoyable and worth playing. However, I really have to say that even though the CGs are great, I find it a bit disturbing to see that many of the girls, although supposingly are adults or university people, are drawn like underage girls. They may look cute, but they don't look like their ages. The music runs in CD-DA, and since our star is Yuki, a popular idol, some themes are actual japanese songs with lyrics, and they are extremely well made. And since it's a white "album", besides the Omake function, during any time in the game you can put any CG you see into your own customized photo album and review it in your liesure.

Overall, this game is a must for Hgamers, and I highly recommend this game to people who likes realistic dating similations and who are demanding in CG quality. As the first Leaf game, I really enjoy it.
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