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Name: Legend of Legaia (95.00% in 4 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: PSX
Company: Sony
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Tamahome

The playstation was developed by the company sony who brought to us also other great things such as TVs, stereos and discmen. However Sony never got any high praises in terms of games programming goes. Sony has released RPG titles such as Popolocrois and wildarms a couple years ago, but they were not recognized as astonishing rpgs. The main reasons for the failure of popolocrois is that it is aimed for younger audiences and the whole game was made in 2D enviroment. Wildarms is a good arm, but it came out at the wrong time, it came out around the time FF7 was out and seeing the difference in graphics, people chose FF7 to be their game. Sony, not getting discouraged by all these factors decides yet again to create another rpg, and i would personally say that this game is a total success.

Legend of Legaia was set in a world in the future where people lived in fear. Mainly because a strange mist have covered the world and whereever there are mists, people turned into beasts and also animals started to become monsters to attack people who somehow dodged the effect of the mist. Three warriors chosen by the Taiju, trees that are said to have created the world to counteract the mist and to find the origin of the mist by destroying the kiri in different parts of the world.

This games stands out from most rpgs in the sense that the battle system is different. Well similar to Xenogears but different from FF games. Sony called this battle system TAS. Tactical Arts system. The player can choose 4 different attack commands ranging from up, down, left hand and right hand. Different combinations of different commands will yield fighting arts that takes a lot more damage off the enemy. There are also arts that can be learnt by getting items, these arts are called Hyper arts. you can also chain a bunch of normal arts together to form a super art, and there should be a miracle arts for each person towards the end of the game.

Another interesting thing is the magic system. the heroes started off with no magic and will learn no new magic even if they were to go up levels, however once they received the holy relic from the mystical tree, they could use it to attack certain enemies and after defeating them, the players will have a chance to abosrb the enemy and will be able to summon them out during the battle to aid the heroes.

Here are the ratings I give to this game:

Gameplay: 8/10: Good gameplay, so far, the plot is understandable and I don't find it too difficult to play through (yes, I haven't finished the game yet) The TAS system is original and the arts are amazing to watch. The summon spells are cool too, the game supports dual shock, it is kinda fun to have the controller shake while you are beating the crap out of the enemy.

Music: 8/10: Amazingly the tracks are good, and I liked them very much. :)

Graphics: 7/10: A definite improvement over Wildarms and popolocrois, but still not as good as FF7. The FMVs are done nicely though.

Story: 9/10: Actually the story really appealed to me, and I found myself totally involved with the plot at times.

Overall: 8.5/10: A very good rpg, and since FF8 is not out yet, I would definitely put this game as an rpg to get. Not a game you should be missing out on.

Legend of Legaia is created by Sony and all rights are reserved to that company.

email me at for more info.
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