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Name: Legend of Heroes IV (80.00% in 3 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: DOS
Company: Falcom
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: Elly

Falcom is one of the best non-hentai RPG company. This time, my review is on their lastest release in "The legend of Heroes" series, Akaishizuku.

The title, Akaishizuku means "a drop of blood". I think it symbolizes as the proof of life and tears. The story take place on a kingdom call El Phidin and it divided into three areas, Boreas, Notos, and Dusis. There is a myth about a ancient battle in the heaven between the gods of good (Bardus) and evil (Ouktum), call "Heavens war". According to the myth, Bardus sealed Ouktum with barriers which broke Bardus into six part and these parts became the Six Heaven's Treasures. Two of the six treasures are hidden in the temple of Barus but the others haven't been discovered.

Well, enough of this old background stuff, let's get into the main story.

Avin is the main character in this story. He is an orphan, so the only family he got is his sister, Eimelle. He and Eimelle has beening living in the temple of Bardus. However, during his eight year - the temple was attracked by the evil side believers. Avin and Eimelle successfully escape with the help of the wise man, Gawaine and their teacher, Ollesia. They both obtained the holy treasures and lived separetly to avoid the evil believers. However, niether Avin or Eimeele know each other's whereabouts and Avin was left to one of the three wise men, Lemuras. Lemuras died when Avin is seventeen, so he went to search Eimelle with the help of his best friend, Mile.

On your (Avin) journey, you can choose three special character to go with you (you will meet them during the journey). However, most of these "special" characters will ask you for money if you want to them to travel with you. Mile is the only character you cannot remove in the beginning, and he will be with you until his end.

The gameplay also remind me of Final Fantasy Tactics. Except the main storyline, there are more than a hundred side storyline. What I mean is that in each village you visit, there will be jobs offer you to do. Some of them will relate to the "special characters" you have. Of couse, in reture of taking these jobs - you will be pay. However, I also heard that the jobs you do will affect the ending.


Storyline = 9/10 -- Falcom always have good storyline and I am a big fan in "The legend of Heroes". All their series have good storyline but the story is usually kinda sad when you know all the truth. (Hint: Mile and Eimille wasn't able to finish the journey with Avin)

Graphic = 7/10 -- I won't say much about the graphic because compare to the other games I play, they are not that well. For some unknow release, Falcom cut out all the animations in "The legend of Heroes" series. I used to play this game in Pc - Engie and at that time, there are animations in every series but now it's all gone.

Gameplay = 8/10 -- The gameplay is good, and I really like the job part. However, the levels in this game is hard. The monesters are too strong and you will need to spend alot of time in level.

Music = 7/10 -- The music is not bad but the sound is a little bit wried.

Overal = 7.5/10 -- If you really want to try Legend of Heroes series, I advise you to try the third series - white witch. That one is a good one.
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