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Name: Muku 2 (70.00% in 9 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Nikukyuu
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

What does a footprint of dog reminds you? Yes! Of course, Nikukyuu! Well, not really.

Although you might not recognize Nikukyuu when I mentioned animal footprint, Nikukyuu's popular game, Muku, should not be unfamiliar to hear. As you might have expected, several months ago, Nikukyuu has once again released another shocking game, the squeal to Muku: Muku2. This time, Nikukyuu has made it even better with superb graphics, improved gameplay, more events, and more endings. If you're a Muku fan, there is no need to say and get the game now. If you're not familiar with Muku, then sit back, read about the review, and you will see several reasons why you must get this game.

The story behind Muku2 is that you are the rich beyond imagination. Over tens and hundreds of countries' fashion design companies are in your control. Money, power, everything are yours. However, there still seems to be something missing in your life. One day, you happened to visit one of yours clothe store and met a girl of your taste. Since then, she becomes your maid in your mansion when she falls in the scheme you have setup. Her father's jewelry store bankrupted (setup by you) and you lend her father a huge sum of money in return for her work in the mansion to payback the money. From this date, you will teach her and train her to be a "good" maid.

The graphic in this game is incredible. There are very few games with such a graphic superiority combined with great playability, and I have to admit that Muku2 is one of them. A variety of H-situations are included in the game. As her techniques gets better, you will be able to choose for a variety of situation from foreplay, to MB (figure out yourself), and even to SM! Since there's a feature where you can change her cloth (after all, you are a president of design company), you won't get bored with the same picture over. You will see different style every time you play.

In term of gameplay, this game is filled with surprises. As her parameter goes up, she will be able to design different style of cloth that she can wear while working. One remarking point is that you will be able to talk to your maids and change her cloth once a week. Depending on the cloth she wear and her parameters, dialogue will change constantly. The chat will gets intensively "better" as her night-life activities increases. What's even better is that if you did not pay attention to her menstrual cycle period, you might get her pregnant. Once you take her to the hospital, and "boom," game's over.

The sounds and voice in this game is superb. Although it will cause the screen to pause for a few seconds if you choose the bgm as wave, other than that the music is great to hear. Best of all, with all these great graphics and gameplay, this game even got speech for the events. Games like White Album or Diabolique has excellent graphics and gameplay, yet it lacks the voice that enhances the H-scenes and makes the game more like reality. If you got money willing to spend, why not spend on this game that will makes you enjoy for days.

-- GTO 8.23.98 --
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