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Name: Monster World
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Active
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Xser

In Chinese SLG games, there exists a glamorous history of the monopoly games. The most famous is, off course, the Rich series and there are also other less popular and invariably less fun games. One of them is The Wealthiest Man on Earth (which I played around five years ago and surprisingly still remembered.) This game draws its story from The Romance of the Three Kingdoms and like any monopoly games, the player walks the board getting territories and the sort. The game in discussion here, Monster World, in fact, is exactly the same as The Wealthiest Man on Earth. The only difference is better interface and far superior graphics and sounds.

Story: None -- The story behind this game is that the creator of universe sends a decree stating that whichever alien race can unite the universe under one rule will be granted three wishes. Because of this, the four most advanced races begin a race for domination. Here, the player gets to choose one race and compete with the other three controlled by the computer.

Gameplay: 5/10 -- The gameplay, as mentioned, is exactly the same as an older game. The player basically rolls the dice, moves to a space, and performs different tasks depending on the nature of that location. For example, one can purchase unoccupied land, step on occupied controlled land, and receive chance cards. (Very much like monopoly and correctly termed monopoly games.) One major difference in this game is that land-control is very flexible. In this game, the player stacks and distributes the armies and generals among the controlled lands and itself. This becomes important when the player steps on an opponent-controlled land, where there are three choices: 1.) To pay tax 2.) To fight the army in that location where tax is not paid if one wins the battle but still collected if one looses 3.) Siege the location and try to take over the land. Because of this, the game revolves around intensive planning and status understanding.

Graphic: 8/10 -- The graphics for this game is good. It is in Super VGA and the graphics is very detailed. However, I find the graphics to be disorientating at times because there are simply too many colors. As for music, it sounds decent.

Overall: 7/10 -- Overall, I think this game is worth playing although it is a rip-off from an older game. This is because I believe not many people has played The Wealthiest Man on Earth simply because it is not a great game. However, with the revisions, Monster World has bettered itself from the older version by many folds. Besides, this game allows multi-player online! This might be the greatest addition but I couldn't test it out because I do not know anyone with this game.

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