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Name: Metal & Lace (67.14% in 7 votes)
Type: FTG
Platform: DOS
Company: Megatech
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Dirtface

Hey, come on. EVERYONE loves Megatech games. Too bad theres only a few. Metal & Lace combines the interaction of an RPG, with the fighting and combatment of a Street Fighter clone. This is definatly one of the "higher priority" games to get...

You start out in a bar containing a number of different characters to talk to. Theres a few places you can go, of course, but the reason you're there is to fulfill a dream you've had: To conquer the Robo-babes; metal masked androids that've been pumped up and juiced to defeat you in battle. Although, you're gonna need an android yourself if you want to compete. And a STRONG one, at that.

Personally, I like this game. And I say this because many don't. There are MANY secrets in the game to make it easier to fight, get money, etc. All of which are pretty easy to find. You start by competing against different girls, and when you beat 7 of them twice, you go up against a real contender, beat him/her, and then fight the girls again, in which you're rewarded with MORE pics. You can buy boost-ups, power-ups, shields, power up your armor (android) and win.

Story: 4/10 - Not too much story. About as much as any 2d fighter game. The reason for this being your pretty much limited to the bar area, armor shop and power-up shop. However, there are many things (yes, things) to talk to and even some Cobra Mission references!

Gameplay: 9/10 - MUCH gameplay. It's a Street Fighter clone, so there has to be. Its joystick compatible and everything.This game even has fighters' special moves!

Graphic: 6/10 - They're okay. I LOVE the H-pics, They could be better drawn NOWadays, but since the game was made awhile ago, there a little on the old side. The actual fighting sprites themselves could DEFINATLY use a little more animation. Altogether, though, its acceptable, and certainly not nerve-wracking.

Music/Voice: 3/10 & 9/10 - Music is more annoying than mood-setting... Simply just awful music and incredibly repetitive. However, there are REAL voices for every character, and thats a plus-plus as far as I'm concerned.

Overall: 8/10 - GET THIS GAME if you haven't already. Even if you don't like street fighter clones, theres a certain "chip" you can buy in the game that has your armor fight automatically so that you dont have to. Besides, its cool to build your armor up really high and kick some Robo-babe butt.
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