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Name: May Club (87.41% in 27 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Excellents
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Staisen

"In the year 2023, the "final" communication method became reality with the creation of the May Club VR system, a virtual world in which ever aspect of reality is recreated by computer control. You are Hajime Kudo, enjoying your last six weeks before you start your career as a "salaryman." You have from February 16 to March 31 to enjoy the May Club simulator, and find your destiny, if you can..."

MayClub is a Japanese H game that has recently been translated into English and the paragraph above is taken from the readme file that came with the game. As can be observed from it, the translation of the game could do with more proof-reading as there were blatant spelling and grammatical mistakes. Nonetheless, the English translation of the game is better than some of the other English translated games on the market.

As stated in the introductory paragraph, you play Hajime Kudo and the goal of the game is for you to find a girlfriend through the MayClub - a virtual dating simulation arena. As you only have 50 tickets with which to enter MayClub throughout the game, you will have to choose carefully when to enter the MayClub. As such, it would be good to take note of when certain girls will be in the MayClub. You can, however, save your game before you enter the MayClub and simply reload the game if the girl you're interested in is not present. The game is also divided into two time periods and certain girls will only appear in the second half of the game.

Pros: compared to the other English-translated games on the market, MayClub stands out for its replay value. It would probably take several tries before you can get all the girls. The limited number of tickets also forces you to plan ahead and it makes a refreshing change from the standard AVG games.

Cons: The quality of the graphics pales in comparision with recent Japanese games. This, however, is due to the game being originally released several years ago. I also found the music repetitious and had to resort to turning off the sound. It was also a bit disappointing to discover that navigation in the game in restricted to only a few areas in the game. When Hajime is not inside the MayClub, he can only go home and sleep.

Recommended for: Although there are improvements to be made in the game, MayClub is rather entertaining. I would recommend it to those who would like to have a taste of hentai games but do not know either Japanese or Chinese. Those who can read these Asian languages might prefer to stick to the original game in Japanese or play one of the newer games on the market.
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