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Name: Mahjong Fantasia 3 (70.91% in 11 votes)
Type: MJ
Platform: DOS
Company: Active
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Xser

This game is the third Mahjong Fantasia series from Active Software. As with all the Mahjong Fantasia series, this game is unique in that it combines RPG with mahjong; thus making this game excellent for both RPG and mahjong fans.

The style of mahjong in this game is Japanese. Although relatively the same, the Chinese version has altered the rules somewhat so that it would be more comprehendible for Chinese players. To be on the safe side, the game includes a short tutorial that teaches the basic rules for mahjong as well as clarifying the mahjong rules for this game. In addition, the game also have a "test" option which consists of three mahjong game and tests the player to see whether he actually knows what is going on. In my opinion, this game has done more than enough to ensure the players understanding of the type of mahjong playing required for this game.

There are three mode of play for this game: RPG mode, verses mode, and practice mode.

RPG mode: In this mode, you are a soldier vowed to protect the princess of your fallen kingdom to the safety of a neighboring country. During your travel, you will encounter oppositions (with some girl involved) and after winning with mahjong (supposed to be some ancient form of combat where the mahjong tiles has some mystical powers), you will see some hentai scenes. Eventually, you will reach your destination and then fight back the evil that took your kingdom.

Verses mode: Here, you will choose a girl and play "strip mahjong" with her. There are 10 girls and it takes 4 win to strip her completely.

Practice mode: Basically, you just practice.

One interesting aspect of this game is that it allows four players in a mahjong game, unlike the traditional two players. In my opinion, this didn't really make much a difference since you are playing with the computer anyway. One last thing is that there are three skill levels. I beat the game in the easiest skill level, and believe me, it is really easy. Thus, this option allows you to complete the game quickly without the hassle of loosing continuously in the mahjong game if you are an inexperienced mahjong player or you just get bored.

Story: 2/10 Typical plot. Nothing interesting.

Gameplay: 5/10 Decent. Didn't cause me any trouble.

Graphics: 7/10 It is a lot better in the anime department than the mahjong department. But I guess anime is what counts.

Music: 6/10 Decent music.

Overall: 7/10 The eye-catching element is the mixture of RPG and mahjong. In addition, the three different mode of play also provides more hours of play. This is a fun game.
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