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Name: Mayaku (73.33% in 3 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Flady
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Lamuness

Mayaku, in english, means (technically) tranquilizers/narcotics (the stuff they use on you when you have surgery so that you don't feel any pain), but in this game, "magic medicine". You play the role of a student conducting a chemical experiment and somehow you make up a very unusual medicine. A female collegue of yours came into the lab and you gave her a sniff of the medicine. Your collegue then suddenly blushes, and then gets high....and being a H-game, you can guess what happens after. After this "guinea pig incident", you decide to use this "magic medicine" to your advantage and use it on other "guinea pigs" (ie girls) around your school community and your home neighborhood.

I think this is the first time I ever bitch about a game (and also, my shortest review). Although this game does have nice graphics, it has absolutely no gameplay. The only objective of this game is to get 100% CG, nothing else. Click,click and you get some CG%, and there is no possibly of seeing a game-over screen (if there is one). The BGM is in WAV format, which I think is inefficient and takes up a lot of HD space (MIDI can do as well and takes up less space). A couple of interesting things in this game is that once it uses a sorta Street Fighter terminology thingy which says how many times you "defeat" a girl. Also, once a girl gets "defeated" another girl pops up for you to "challenge". Also, I find the image transition concept to be quite original and well made.

Overall, if you want H-games with some gameplay, skip this one. However, if you just want to see nice CGs with little or no effort, you might want to consider Mayaku.
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