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Name: Marvel vs Streetfighter EX (70.00% in 1 votes)
Type: ACT
Platform: PSX
Company: Capcom
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Tamahome

As many of you should be familiar with Capcom's work, I will not go through with the company introduction. Capcom, besides releasing the successful Street fighter series, also released a series called the vs series. it began a couple years ago with X-men vs street fighter. This is a joint project between capcom and marvel. Due to its success, it has been ported over to the Saturn and the PSX. Due to the fact that the psx cannot handle such a large game, capcom called the port X men vs street fighter Ex. The switch over function was taken out in the psx version.

After the success of X men vs Street fighter, Capcom did not hesitate to release the second one of the series called Marvel super heroes vs Street fighter. The game features many new characters from the marvel side :), and also some new ones from the street fighter side such as Sakura. Again, being so successful, it was ported to the SS and PSX. And again, the psx is still incapable of handling the game and thus capcom called the port marvel super heores vs street fighter EX.

The game features many players which makes the game very interesting, as well as the amazing super moves, which are real eye candies for fighting game lovers. the biggest rival of capcom is probably SNK with their Samurai showdown series and their kof series. In the future, SNK and capcom will joint forces to make a game called SNK vs capcom, which ought to be very interesting :)

Here are the ratings for the game:

Gameplay: 7/10

Although not as good as the SS port or the arcade, the psx version does have some good qualities, because you can chain your supers together in the EX version to make over 99 hits :) for an almost instant kill

Story: N/A

I don't like giving ratings for story for fighting games

Music: N/A

Same as the above

Graphics: 7/10

Definitely not as good as the SS port or the arcade. Many frames have been taken out due to the fact that the PSX cannot handle the amount of frames the game uses.

Overall: 7/10

It is an alright buy. The psx port is a game you can do with or without. I would recommend you get that game if you have spare money, otherwise get the SS version or just play in the arcades :)

Marvel Super heroes vs street fighter is made by Capcom and all rights are reserved to that company.

Please feel free to email me at for more info
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