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Name: Mamori Gama-sama (73.33% in 3 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Alicesoft
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Kyubi Fox

This is a traditional four-person family: a working dad, a housewife, an older sister and a younger brother (and a cat). One day dad has to go out to work for a week, so the house is left with three helpless souls. Of course those little star-shaped(?) akumas (devils) are coming to take advantage, and you, as the mamorigami (protection god...hopefully you are) will have to make sure they have a peaceful life before dad comes back.

That's the intorduction...and basically all the information you will get when you start the game. Right after that, you will be shown with a house with several people in it (picture 2). Some people who played a lot of H games might not understand this kind of "family game." This game can very well fit in the ETC kind of game because it is so wield. Basically you are a god with limited god power. You can use them to affect what the family members are doing, get rid of the akumas on the roof, or give them good luck. What the members do will affect what happen tomorrow, and some of them if you do enough times, you will see some really wield things.

That sums up the gameplay side of this god-sim. There is really not much gameplay because the emphasis is on the scenerios. You are "supposed to be" a protection god, but if you want, you can make their lives a LIVING HELL. Everytime the devils drop on someone's head, their luck will decrease. If they have bad enough luck, they will encounter all sorts of bad things (like UFO, health check...). Some of them are pretty disturbing for my taste, but the truely evil ones might find this interesting...(there hasn't been any evil games from Alicesoft since Rance)


Gameplay: 6/10 - There are not much things you can do here. You pick what they do at night, then in the morning you watch what happens to them. There is only a week for you to mess around, and each average game takes about one hour. In the beginning you can only control the girl, but later you can control more. There is always a goal of getting all three "true endings" in one game, but after you played four or five times it really wears out.

Storyline: 7/10 - With only one week there is not much they can do. The true ending storylines are ok, not excellent, the side stories are pretty weak. Luckily, there are tons of wield stuff you can discover that keep it fresh. Most of them are evil are supposed to be the protection god...

Graphics: 8/10 - They are "almost" as good as other Alicesoft games. One thing I notice is that they are somewhat less refined as others. This is probably due to the huge number of CG's (for Alicesoft anyways). If you think Pro Student Good has lots of CG's for an Alicesoft game, this one has more than two times that. Most likely Alicesoft finally found out that they are hearing complaints from customers about the small number of CG's in previous games (ok, except Rance...). But of course, there are consequences to everything...

Music/Sound: 7/10 - The consequence it, they abandoned CDDA and turned to MIDI!!! Most likely there are too many CG's, they have to cut down on CDDA consumption. The result is, of course, lower quality music. The arrangement is quite good, with moods pretty much conveyed, but there is no way they can be better than CDDA.
The sound department sucks. There are almost no sound effects (no voice acting of course). Pretty disappointing.

Overall: 7/10 - Pretty interesting concept. Some flaws like the not-great storyline and not-great music will keep away the most picky players. But if you are looking for something different from regular h-games, or you just want to make hell, then this is the game for you.
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