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Name: MajyoKari No Yoru Ni (85.00% in 2 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Ail
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Helmut

This game is a japanese game but its background is Europe of the Middle Ages in which hunting witchs by church was universal. RUDO the main character of this game is a evil guy. He is a Father of a church but doesn't believe in God. He uses his standing just to deceive and rape women. The game starts from his transferring to a small church which is located on a rural village and isn't controled by central church. In the church just two nuns work. A young monk follows and helps him even to the H scenes.

From that day on he wanders around in and out of village to meet up many women. And story goes on simply. He maneuvers people into believing that a woman is a witch by using some drug or demon sculpture to a woman. Then he punishes the woman in H way in the basement of the church to test whether she is a witch or not. The basement is equipped with many SM tools such as ropes, chains, and a wooden horse on which iron blade is added. One day he detects two nuns playing les love which is prohibited to them, so he punishes each girl with H actions also.

Other day in the forest near the village he finds a villager NAK play H with a 'real' witch. NAK becomes crippled after H and RUDO will penalize him for having relations with a witch, so SERENA, NAK's wife, saves him by using her body. At last, one night RUDO faces the real witch in the forest. Is he doomed to die after H with her just as NAK which is a eastern superstition? You can view it in the game.


It's usual as ADV game. Entire Story goes for about 10 days. One day is very short. When RUDO has moved to several places, it becomes evening. Then he can sleep or move to a few places to enter next morning. You had better not neglect to walk around in the evening. It offers 5 endings and most of them are happy at least to RUDO. The girls easily fall in love with RUDO and give him happy ending. The game's prepared fifty spaces for game-save. Five spaces are comprised in a page and a page makes a save-file. (Entirely ten pages, ten files)


It uses 256 colors. In H scenes CGs are bigger than the window, so you can view them by scroll. Do you like pictures of SM? This game is full of them. Every time you must see girl's tears. SERENA gives you a ending unhappy for RUDO and a additional H CG in that. The women are beautiful but not best.


It's usual and made of midi format. It's tender and comfortable. There's no horror or wicked emotion in the sounds. For me the best interesting music of them is one in gamestart. It offers voices also.

I'm not fluent in both English and Japanese, so please forgive me if there's any error in this review.
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