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Name: MahouShoujyo B-Ko Renewal (62.00% in 5 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Scoop
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Lamuness

Many Hgame plots take place in high schools, and MahouShoujyo B-ko is no exception. However this game is a bit different in terms of the storyline. This game was released a really really long time ago under the same name and a novel of the game was published as well, and in 1998 Scoop make a renewal version of it with voice and better graphics etc.

The story is about a childish and immature girl who studies at an all-girl St. Lafail School called B-ko. B-ko is actually the magical princess from the light realm who travels to the human world like many many magical girl Anime we see everyday. Along with B-ko is her servant Alpha, a cute little creature like those in the same genre Anime, and the player plays the role of Alpha watching over your master B-ko. One day in school Alpha and B-ko sense an evil force nearby and they encounted the "sex daemoness" Sashirinu. Injured, Sashirinu plans to take refuge at this all-girls school and recover her "energy" by taking the schoolgirls' "essence" (ie viriginty). B-ko tries to confront her enemy but she was too weak. Just as B-ko was about to lose her "essence," she was saved by C-ko who goes to the same school as B-ko. C-ko is the magical princess of the dark realm, and is B-ko's eternal rival. After Sashirinu retreated, C-ko and Alpha took B-ko back to her room and discuss how to defeat Sashirinu the nex time she returns. C-ko gives B-ko a bottle of holy dust which can make Sashirinu inactive for 24 hrs if sprinkled on her.

However, B-ko has an even better idea. Her proposes that if the schoolgirls lose their "essence" before Sashirinu takes them, in the long run Sashirinu will ultimately run out of power and die. Just as C-ko was ask who to take the schoolgirls' "essence," B-ko stares at Alpha...So basically you as Alpha have 10 days to sneak into the school disguised as the headmaster's grandson checking out the school and nanpa with the girls there and take their "essence" before Sashirinu does.

I kinda like the prologue...not only is the idea fresh but also very humorous, which is one of the selling points of this game. Throughout the game the mood is very free and funny, especially when Alpha has to do what he can to flirt with all the girls in school. Gameplay wise, it's just a click click AVG, so nothing much to talk about. There are 2 endings to the game, a good ending and a not-so-good ending (can't say it's bad ending though). However, both endings are very similar, just that one leads to more Hscenes than the other. Given this, if you can go to the good ending at first try, that's pretty much it to the game.

The 256-color graphics, although out of date compared with current standards, are still very decent. In addition, there are alot of Hscenes in this game so people who wants lots of Hpics might like this game. However, one disappointment about graphics is that the game does not have any animations this time, unlike Scoop's infamous and dead humorous Chaos Queen series. Music is alright......but one good thing about this game is that it has 100% full voice acting. In addition. this game can run by itself directly on CD-ROM which means no installation is needed at all which means you can save on HD space. However, you will need a decent CD-ROM drive which I don't think is a problem according to today's standards.

Overall, Mahoushoujyo B-Ko renewal is an alright AVG. However it does have an interesting and very humorous plot to it, which makes this game stand out quite a bit. However, this is an old game so don't expect too much in graphic quality and gameplay. Sure go ahead and play this game if you have some free time and want some humor in Hgames. However, I am sure there are better stuff out there...

PROS: Very interesting and humorous plot. No need for HD installation. Quantity of Hpics is high. 100% full voice acting.

CONS: No animations compared with other Scoop games, click click gameplay, non-hi-color (but still decent) graphics.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME TO: People who want humor in Hgames.
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