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Name: Y's Eternal - Vanished Omen (92.50% in 16 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Falcom
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: TechnoMancer - S

Falcom, one of the more well known comapnies of making rpg's in japan, has released yet another great game, Y's Eternal - Vanished Omen. Falcom is known for releaseing Sorcerian, Vantage Master, Lord Monarch, and the famed Y's series. The y's series, consists of 5 parts. Y's Eternal, is a remake from the old Sega Master System version, Vanished Omen is in my words, a very excellent remake of a game. With a overhaul on graphics, a great stroyline, and good music, its very promising.

Once upon a time there was an island Kingdom known as Esteria. In millennia past, it had been called the prosperous Kindom of Y's. Esteria was known far and wide for the quality and purity of the silver which came from her mines. But when the silver mines began to run dry and foreign ships failed to return to their home ports, Esteria became a forgotten place.

It was to this land that Adol Christian came, a swordsmand washed ashore by the might and fury of a hurricane. He was found half-dead by a kind and humble fisherman who restored him to health, gave him clothing and a small bag of gold. Adol was impressed with the generosity of these people. But he quickly grew restless for adventure because that was his nature. The fishing village sat at the edge of a great plain. Rising in the distance was a small mountain range with an ominous tower at its peak. "That is the Tower of The Doomed," they told Adol as they made the sign of the evil eye. "It is the place where the troubles of our land began." As Adol watched the tower, he knew that his destiny awaited there.

The fisherman told him that he would find adventure in the town of Minea. As he left they said "Walk bravely; and may the Goddesses protect you!" Adol arrived at Minea after many close calls with the ferocious creatures that walked the land. In Minea he heard the legend of the Goddesses of Y's. In times past they had saved the Kingdom from great evil. Their feats had been written down in six magical books and then hidden from the greed of mortal man. If someone where to find all six books, they would have the power to do immense good...or incredible evil!

Now, an evil sorcerer in a black cloak was trying to find the books. His plans would plunge Esteria into darkness forever! But nobody in the Kingdom was brave enough to fight him. The wise Seer Sara was desparately looking for a swordsman with the courage to save the Kingdom.

So Adol found himself with a thousand gold pieces in his pocket and the biggest quest of his life in front of him. He went to have a chat with Seer Sara. The rest is history...

In order to return peace and prosperity to Esteria, you must find and unite the six magical books of Y's. But the evil sorcerer Dark Dekt also wants the books. He has the sixth book of Y's in his possession and will use all of his evil powers to keep you from finding the other five!

The creatures of Esteria have been turned against you. Above and below ground you will find enemies...with the exception of a few people who have suffered at the hands of Dark Dekt. The people of the villages and towns are your only allies.

Your quest is divied into two parts. The first takes place in the villages, countryside, the temple and underground mine. Here you must obtain the required weapons, treasures, equipment and the first three books of Y's. Only after certain conditions have been met will the entrance to the Tower of the Doomed open for you.

The second half of your quest takes place in the Tower of the Doomed. There you will have to find the other three books. But untold surprises and perils await you! If the Goddesses favor you, maybe you will even find and defeat Dark Dekt.

Story: A very creative and excellent stroy line and the movies make it even better!. 8/10

Graphics: The graphics in this version are great, too good to believe and the movies are smooth. The characters, the towns, everything look great. 9/10

Game Play: Very enjoyable, but if you don't know english very well, you may find it difficult to like if you get frustrated. Only thing aggrivating is how you have to run into the enemy to hurt him, there is no swigning the sword =). 7/10

Music: Falcom makes great music for their games and once again, they do a fine job. Sounds real sweet on a AWE 32 or 64. Stop by the falcom website or goto the one listed at the bottom of the page for some samples and remixes! 9/10

Overall: Overall, its excellent and falcom has succedded in making another great game for all to play! If you never played any of the y's games, you must! Start with this one and see how you like it! =)
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