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Name: Macross Do You Remember Love (90.00% in 3 votes)
Type: ACT
Platform: SATURN
Company: Bandai
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Tamahome

Macross being a very popular anime series in the 1980's is still alive today with the release of Macross Plus, Macross Two and the recent Macross 7. Anime wise, Macross is pretty successful, and now Bandai who liscense most of the Macross stuff made a side scrolling shooter based on the movie Do You Remeber Love. The game is 2 CDs and there is a lot of animation and cut scenes and conversation packed into the game. The game is linear. The scenes with the Death of Roy Fokker, the rescue of Minmay and the meeting with the female Zentradi are all presented either in FMV movie or in computer graphics during the game. The player controls Hikaru, the main character in the anime and takes the Valkeryie thru the different missions and finally to the confrontation of Dolza.

The game's theme song being Do You Remember Love by Minmay is very good. I personally like that song a lot, and the song is played thru the whole last stage. And funny how the song seems to end everytime right on the spot when Dolza dies. The game is not a bad game, but it is too easy, being a game close to the story line, it lacks intensity. The game is easy on hard mode and a joke on easy mode.

The game regardless of its difficulty level is still a good game to get for Macross fans. Most of the movie is in the game so it is more like watching the movie than playing the game.

Here are the ratings I give to this game:

Gameplay: 8/10 It is an okay shooter, but lacks the intensity a real shooter should have, but still the graphics is pretty good and the games run real smoothly.

Music: 9/10 Being a macross fan myself, I love Minmay's singing. I think her songs are pretty good. I especially love the theme song Do you Remember Love and the mp3 of this song can be downloaded at almost any of the anime mp3 sites. Get it and listen to it. You'll love it. :)

Graphics: 8/10 The graphics is cool and the three modes of the Valkeryie is pretty cool, although the Gerwalk mode is still the perferable battle mode, the other ones are pretty cool too. The back ground and animation is well done overall

Story: 9/10 What can I say. The storyline of Macross simply rocks. Duh. It was the most popular anime in the 1980s. I won't describe the storyline since most of the anime fans out there has already seen it :)

Overall: 8.5/10 Well, being a Macross game, I would recommend this to all macross fans or people who enjoy mild shooters, but it is definitely too easy for hardcore side scroll shooter fans.

The game Macross Do you Remember Love is liscened by Bandai and all rights are reserved to that company.

Feel free to email me at for more info.
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