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Name: Nonomura Byoin no Hitobito (71.25% in 16 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: DOS
Company: Silky
Release date: 1994
Reviewed by: Helmut

It's about a story of people of NONOMURA hospital, doctors, nurses, patients and so on. You, TAKUMARO in the game, are a detective and have nothing to do with the hospital. One day you are wounded by accident and get hospitalized in the hospital. Then you come to hear about the death of NONOMURA SACHI, the director of the hospital. The police has concluded that he committed suicide. But you, as a intelligent detective, doubt it for some reasons and visit AKIKO, wife of the dead director SACHI, to undertake to investigate the matter. Thus you are involved in the hospital and begin searching the criminal.

On investigation you meet nurses I-E, CHI-E, BIHO, CHISATO, a girl patient MOMOKO who is blue and silent, and her friend KANA. And you can get information from BENJO, a reporter of a newspaper. In the game you compete with KIMON and SUZUKO from another detective office. If you are a nice man, you can reach one of happy endings with SUZUKO. By degree you get known about sex and drug scandle and private antipathy among people of the hospital. Finall you get to figure out the mystery of the hospital.

SOUND: The sound of this game is good. You can hear Mystic, humorous, refined sound. But in my sonud card some noise 'chichichik' annoyed me.

GRAPHICS: I like it's picture. You'll make love with many nurses. Besides hentai scenes you can see many panties of the girls without effort. If you behave politely, you can get happy endings with I-E, BIHO, SUZUKO. But good conducts don't always pay good. There are also some scenes that you can see only when you're heading for one of the bad endings.

GAMEPLAY: Save/Load menu automatically shows up after you go on some blocks. If you don't save or load a game, the game continues. If you save a game, quit menu shows up. You can use [control] key to skip dialogues fast. And at opening menu you can choose to view experienced hentai scenes (omake mode) and endings.

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