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Name: Neon Genesis Evangelion (73.85% in 13 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Gainax
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

"In 2015 AD, Mankind faces a crisis in human history. To confront this threat, one young boy now boards a machine created by the world's top scientists and engineers. The ultimate all-purpose humanoid weapon: Evangelion."

If you are a big anime fan, the word, "Evangelion" should not be foreign to you. Neon Genesis Evangelion has been shown on the Japan's TV first time at the end of 1995. Due to the heavy request or rather complains that the last few episodes was too choppy and poorly done, Gainax released the movie in response to fans' demands. On March 1997, Evangelion Death/Rebirth appeared in theaters in Japan. Then, on July 1997, Gainax released the sequence to the movie calling it Air/Purest Heart for You. With the two release of movie, Gainax has concluded one of the popular anime series in Japan (Although Gainax is releasing another movie for Evangelion, it's just a remake of Death [True] along with Air/Purest Heart For You). With the upheaval and fan heat, Gainax has yet decided to make a game to satisfy Eva fans' desires.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel was first released for Japanese Windows 95 in July 11, 1997. It has received a great reaction from the consumer. Being ranked second as the best soft of the year in Computech, it was quickly converted into different platforms including Macintosh, Chinese Windows 95, Saturn, and PlayStation. The game focused on Shinji's (main character) shy and self-contradictory personality and took another role to lighten Shinji's romantic life. In Evangelion, Mana will be the new character that brought Shinji a new love story.

The game contains huge amounts of animated scenes, not to mention that it also uses 65536 high-res color. The voice is also well recorded. Each character has its own person for dubbing. The interesting and positive dialogue and bright inner world will give you an experience that you will never experience before.

In Girlfriend of Steel, Mana played as a transferred student in Tokyo-3 high school. Coincidentally, Mana happened to be in Shinji's (main character) class and just so happened that she sit next to Shinji. During her first day of school, Mana has shown a great interest toward Shinji. Mana has asked Shinji to go with her to the school's roof for sight seeing. She also asked Shinji to take her with him to the Nerv's headquarter. Shinji, on the other hand, is obviously intoxicated by Mana's action. Bother by the worry of love, Shinji began to loss his concentration in testing Eva-01; and like a regular Japanese young boy, Shinji went out to the bookstore for book guiding love strategy. Shinji's life was lightened by the presence of Mana. The date, bathing together and other events are all seems to going very well until one day when Nerv found a robot in a lake close to Fuji Mountain. After series of investigation, they figure that a civilian corporation developed the robot that was used to defeat Nerv. What's more shocking was that Mana was one of the three pilots of the robot. Will Shinji be in danger? Will Shinji believe Mana was not part of the mission? Will his relation with Mana ends here?

Inside the game, you also will see other Eva characters play an important role in the game. Misato, Asuka, Rei, Kaji, and Shinji's classmates will help Shinji in his romantic story. Perhaps one of the best part of the game is seeing Asuka gets jealous when she see Mana and Shinji stayed so close together. Girlfriend of Steel has a very well plotted story. With exquisite pictures and more realistic portrait of their life, it will proven to be a great collection that any Eva or anime fans must have.


Graphics - 9/10 Gainax has once again brought a hit to computer gaming world after its success of Princess Maker. With Gainax's superior artistic skill, a masterpiece of game art results. Using every single bit of color, your eyes will be treated with 'rainbows' every click you press. The new character is very beautiful and so are the original characters. If you liked Eva's art, you should not miss this visual pleasure [doesn't mean H though]. Once again, this game uses a high-resolution and large sum of animation. You will feel like you're actually watching a four-hour animation.

Story - 9/10 Steel is very unique and interesting side story. Each character has its unique personality and each of them are well described and expressed. From Asuka's jealousy to Shinji's worry of love, every detail is well presented.

Music - 9/10 The BGM are the ones that appeared in the anime. You can barely distinguish the quality between the music you hear from the anime and the synthesized music in the game. Also, every dialogue has voice. Each character has its own voice actor and actress (seiyuu). Another thing worth mentioning is that it has an ending song at the end. Again, Gainax has worked hard to perfect this game with the decent pictures and great auditory pleasure.

Gameplay - 2/10 There aren't many gameplay in the game. The game just flow by automatically. There will be few time that you will need to walk around and choice selecting, but other than that you basically just watch and listen through the whole game (this doesn't mean that it's not fun though). Even though it doesn't have too much place that you will need to act, the interesting plot and interaction between characters will persue you to watch it once again not mentioning that it is a multi-ending game too.

Neon Genesis Evangelion and related images are copyrighted by Gainax.
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