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Name: Nanpa 1 - End of Summer (73.00% in 10 votes)
Platform: VHS/VCD
Company: PinkPineApple
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Staisen

Based on the popular Dokyusei game released by Elf, this series of 30 minute videos show how Wataru chases Mai, the girl of his dreams. However, unlike most hentai videos, this show has a plot and it does not jump straight into the hentai scenes. For example, although Mai is the girl that Wataru really wants, the video does not only concentrate on her. The relationship between Wataru and his female friends like Satomi and Kurumi are also developed.

The video that I chanced upon focused on the relationship between Wataru and Misa Tanaka. Misa is a runner who hopes to participate in an important game. However, her parents want her to stop her running and concentrate on her studies. Wataru is her only friend who encourages her to follow her heart instead of the advice of other people. One day, as Wataru is leaving school, he finds Misa who has hurt herself by falling off her bike. After carrying her to the sick-bay in school, he learns the real reason behind Misa's parents' plea to her to stop running.

As I'm not very comfortable with the rating system since I feel it is too subjective, I'll use the new Pros and Cons method which I really like here. :)

Pros: good plot development, likeable characters.

Cons: Plot follows closely to that of Dokyusei 1. As such, fans of the game can anticipate the plot. Music only so-so.

Recommended For: Fans of Dokyusei series. After seeing the characters like Mai and Satomi, I feel tempted to hunt out my copy of Dokyusei and play it again. :) Other Anime Fans might want to pick this up too although strictly speaking, the show isn't that great compared to newer Anime like Perfect Blue.
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