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Name: Isaku 95 (56.20% in 50 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Elf
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: Tabris

Isaku is a very famous game from the makers of ELF. This game indeed is one of the most original in its story and gameplay. This game was previously released on DOS/V and now the game is made with the captivating 256 colors. The game I played seemed to load really fast and the text flies by real quick.

The graphics in this game is outstanding. There is no better way to use the 256 colors than in the maze of your old school. The items, the pictures, the H-scenes are extravagant. Also, the DOS/V version of this game also has some excellent graphics. Similar in game play from the DOS/V version, (actually I find everything similar to the DOS/V version besides the fact that the mouse pointer seems bigger, the colors seems more solid, and the music seems more frightening) this game is played through similar to Dungeon mystery games. You walk around in a maze trying to discover items, clues, hints, and ways to get out of the old school.

The story behind Isaku is that you received a love letter from a mysterious person and she told you to meet at the old school. You got very excited about this so you went early and started wait. Soon the girl you like, your best friend, your enemy, and your teacher comes in. Once everyone gets in, the doors are locked. Thus begins your adventure of helping the others including yourself to escape. When you tumble through the halls of the old school, you learn a lot about the other people your with including some secrets that they never revealed to anyone before.

I think this game have a very interesting way to approach the game. You can't see H-scenes unless you have a happy ending with one of the two girls you like, or let your friends get captured by the janitor and let the janitor have a little fun with them. Such an original idea, such an original cast of characters, such an original story, no wonder ELF is releasing the sequel to Isaku in march. I forgot the name of this game but I would think that this game would be worth getting.
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