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Name: Isaku (66.38% in 58 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: DOS
Company: Elf
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Xser

Lately, there is a fad on horror hentai games. (For example, Atlach=Nacha, Waver 2, and Jyoro.) The game Isaku is perhaps one of the founders of this genre since it is the first horror hentai game I have played. Aside from its genre, Isaku is produced by Elf, a company known for the excellence of their games. And as with most of Elf games, Isaku is not a disappointment.

As I am not well aquainted with Japanese, I can not clearly and surely describe the plot of this game but in generalization and assumption. Thus, I apologize for any misinformation and lack of information on this section. In this game, you are Kenta and the antagonist is Isaku. Apparently, Isaku has been harassing the faculty and students of a school and you are asked to resolve the problem. Basically, you, Isaku, and the harassed are all in the school and what you do in the game is to not let anyone get caught by Isaku.

One interesting aspect of this game is that there are three different endings. The endings are depended on the course of action you take during the game. There are two good endings and one bad ending. During the game, you can befriend one of the two main girls. Your success will be awarded with a good ending and each girl has her own endings. The bad ending occurs when Isaku has captured any of the harassed members, which means you fail your mission.

Another interesting aspect is that the only hentai scenes for this game are in tapes. The tapes contain sexual scenes between Isaku and the harassed, which Isaku apparently has taped as he harasses them. These tapes are all hidden in the game and can be quit difficult to find. Thus, it is possible to complete the game without any hentai scenes if you didn't find any tapes.

Graphics: 7/10 The graphics are really nice although can be sort of bizarre for the typical hentai games. There are a few scenes where Isaku is "playing" with another man's penis. This is the only time I have seen man-to-man action in a hentai game.

Overall: 6/10 This is a nice game to play. However, I wouldn't recommend this game if your sole interest in hentai games are the pictures as there isn't much hentai scenes and they requires more effort than other games to find.
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