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Name: Immoral Study Scenario 3 (77.37% in 38 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Scoop
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

You are a famous private tutor. You teach many wealth family's daughters. This time you are hired by a woman named Sayoko, who owns a company, to tutor her daughter. You have heard from many sources that Sayoko is a very social person. However, her daughter has exactly the opposite personality. Today, you came to Sayoko house and teach her daughter, Manami, and soon you will have lots of fun with her. Later on the day, you will have fun with Sayoko.

There are some SM (not sailor moon, but sato masochism) scenes in the game where Sayoko walked into Manami's room wearing SM suit while you're having fun with Manami. The whole game is taken in a day period and ends after you have fun with both Sayoko and Manami.

Immoral Study Scenario 3 is a game that has no gameplay at all. In fact, I don't even consider Immoral as a game. It is more like an electronic novel than an adventure game. The only action you will be doing in this game is mouse clicking. All you do in this game is just read the dialogue and select the command "Look," "Consider," or some action commands. The game does not even have multi-endings. In other word, you will finish the whole game in 2 hours and trash the game. Consider other H-game out on the market, if the game is poor at gameplay, the graphics are usually a boost. However, Immoral seemed to lack both elements. There are only total of 49 pictures in the game, and not all of them are H-scenes. The only thing worth mentioning is that some of the pictures are animated (YES!! Some H-scenes are actually in motion!).

Overall, Immoral is just another ordinary game or "electronic novel" for those Hentai maniacs out there to enjoy. If you are a hentai who just can't get enough h-games like I am, you should try this game as well as its sister product (Scenario 1 and 2). You should also try this game for the cool animated scenes inside the game.

Rating (This is only based on my opinion. Rating of the game may vary from person to person.)

Graphic- 6.5/10 The graphics in this game are mediocre. However, the animated H-scenes are exciting to watch. The animated scenes make this game worth to play. Besides from that, there is nothing much in the game that is worth mentioning. In the game, there are only two girls you will meet (the daughter and the mother). Perhaps the game will be even better if Scoop puts animation on the mother, Sayoko, as well.

Story- 5.5/10 Just another ordinary story with you, the teacher, having fun with your student and mother. Just story has been very common in Japan. I'm kind of numb by the same type of teacher-student story line now.

Music- 5/10 You can't really expect any good music from midi format. I usually got very annoyed at the BGM that repeated over and over. The voice speaking is good, but speaker just talked too slow.

Gameplay- 3/10 Simple click and select all the commands before you continue to the next scene. You will be finish the game within 2 hours (depends on how fast you click). This is why I call it a novel instead of a game.
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