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Name: Immoral Studies Case 1 (84.65% in 43 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Scoop
Release date: 1993
Reviewed by: Staisen

You take on the persona of Professor Hitosuji, a well-known tutor famed for turning failing students into straight A students in this game. As this is a H-Game, you also seduce your students. This time, your target is Reiko Shirakawa, the daughter of wealthy parents. As Reiko attends an all-girl school and is prohibited from having contact with other men, she is very innocent which can make your efforts to seduce her more difficult. She is also guarded by her maid.

The only aspect of this game that stands out, however, is that the English translation is better than most other games. There were no glaring spelling or grammatical mistakes. Other than that, gameplay was disapointing as it was the standard click to advance game. Although you are given several options, only one option will work in the end. As such, there is only one path that you can go down.

Pros: I'm hard-pressed to think of any pros for this game. The graphics are dated. Some might like the few animated h-scenes although these pale in comparision with the viper series.

Cons: As stated above, gameplay was simplistic and the game has no replay value at all. Music was so-so.

Recommended for: Those who are only interested in h-scenes might like this game as it takes little effort to get to them. The English translation might also attract those who cannot understand Japanese but are interested in trying out a h-game.
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