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Name: Idol Mahjong Final Romance 4 (84.29% in 7 votes)
Type: MJ
Platform: SATURN
Company: Video System
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Hq9

Idol Mahjong Final Romance 4 by Video System is the fourth installment of the popular Final Romance Series. The Final Romance Series is a very popular strip mahjong title in Japan and have had 2 other titles available on Sega Saturn. Unfortunately, Final Romance 4 does not contain any nudity, since Sega put a ban on nudity. Final Romance 4 is also different from its prequels because there is a story line. It has many bonuses and options which make it a good solid title.

In a small town called Akatsuki, annually they hold a Miss Final Romance Competition. Miss Final Romance not only has to be beautiful and charming, but skillful in the town's favorite past time, mahjong. There are many beautiful girls in the town, Rin Ran & Syunran the Mayor's beautiful twin daughters, Miki, the Idol Singer, Yuri & Tomoko HS students, and lots more to choose from. Who will be Miss Final Romance? It's your decision.

There are 2 modes of play arcade mode and 4 player mahjong mode. In arcade mode you follow the storyline premise. You play a very lucky town clerk, and your job is to screen out the many Miss Final Romance candidates according to thier mahjong ability. You must walk around town and look for girls to play against. There are also shops to buy powerups and even music CD's! After challenging six, you become the judge, and crown one of the six contestants as Miss Final Romance!

The Mahjong rules are as follows, you and your opponent both start out with 26000 points, after a ron or tsumo there is a strip sequence, if you can nail the girl with a huge point total she strips it all. There are power ups available from the shops, and pop up windows which tell you which tiles are useable which make this game very simple. Its almost too easy since you can also save your game progress. In 4 player mahjong mode its 4 player mahjong without any stripping. It's just for points.

Graphics = 17/20
The graphics are fair. The character designs are rather wierd. Some girls look really cute, while others look like "Super Aliens". The strip animation sequences for the six main characters are very nice, while the strip sequences for the other characters are poor.

Music = 10/10
The Music is excellent. This is easily one of my favorite BGM sound tracks. There are also 2 extremely upbeat vocals that rock. This is the best feature of this game.

Originality = 7/10
When a game becomes number 4 in a series, it really can't be more innovative than its predecessors. But, Final Romance 4 does add a story line.

Replay Value = 17/10
Mahjong is a fun game to play. Syun-ran is sortof a hidden character which will take some time to find.

Gameplay= 7/10
The pop up windows are annoying since you must cancel them or it will play the tile. The mahjong tiles are very nice and large

Funfactor= 17/20
Mahjong is a great game, this game needs more challenge and full strip sequences to earn perfect.

Omake = 9/10
This game has an album mode, bonus 4 player mahjong game, the voice acting is good, 10 opponents, and can play the cds during the game rocks.

This game is a step down from Final Romance R, the graphics could've been better, the game play is too easy, and the girls could've been alot cuter. However, the music, the number of opponents, and the 4 way MJ is a nice touch which makes this game a solid title and shouldn't disappoint most mahjong fans.
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