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Name: Hong Kong Mahjong
Type: MJ
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Nine Dragons Software
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: Xser

Nine Dragons software has released a great game, Hong Kong Mahjong. As most PC mahjong fans know, there isn't any great mahjong game around. Well, this game is different. Surely, it is not the best PC mahjong game ever created, but it definitely has its playing values.

As the title suggests, this game is designed with the rules of Hong Kong mahjong. Thus, player familiar with other mahjong styles (i.e. Mandarin, Japanese) will find the rules a bit confusing. The playing is basically the same as the other styles but the tile point and its calculation is entirely different. In Hong Kong mahjong, the "real point" or the money you pay gets doubled for each tile point. In addition, every player pays the winner. Then there is also minimum hand. The rules go on and can get quite ugly. However, the game comes with a short and simple tutorial, which can easily and quickly clear up the ambiguity for an experienced player as well as getting inexperienced player getting started.

Unlike most PC mahjong, this game supports and only allows for four players. Thus, you will choose three out of the twelve opponents to play with. Each of the twelve opponent ranges in skill level as well as playing type for variety. In each game, each player starts with 2000 dollars, more than enough money for you or the opponents to loose in one game. However, you can save this record and continue at a later day. But when you load the game, you will find that everyone will begin again with 2000 dollars while your score (money) is saved on a chart that keeps tracks of your money. Thus, there is no "win" in this game.

The graphics for the game appear decent. However, I can count the number of graphic scenes this game has. I guess the designer puts the effort into quality not quantity for the graphics and figures the gameplay is what is going to sell this game. The gameplay is excellent. By that I mean it takes about a second to learn to controls the commands of the game (well, you play with a mouse). The music is also decent. It has a semi-traditional Chinese tone that fits nicely with the mood of a mahjong game.

Gameplay: 7/10 Easy to learn and control. Not much can be say for the gameplay of a mahjong game except for how convenient it is for the player.

Graphics: 5/10 Decent graphics but only a handful of them.

Music: 5/10 Decent music which goes well with mahjong playing

Overall: 5/10 This game doesn't support multi-player (which will improve the quality of the game greatly). In addition, because it lacks multi-player and any way to "win", the player gets bored quit easily for there is no real purpose. However, this game is well suited for a beginner learning mahjong since this game is excellent for practice mahjong.
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