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Name: Hell Fire Sango (70.00% in 2 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: War Fire
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Tabris

Sangoku, (Romance of the three kingdoms), should be a household name for many asian gamers. Especially with Koei making at least ten thousand Sango games (kidding, they made probably around 12 sango games), and many mangas following up the story, and adding their own new twist.

Not to my surprise a new company also took on this fever and took in this household name and made it their game to make or break.

The story is the same as all sango games so you can go to other sango reviews to read on the story (if you really don't know it). Because right now, i will do my best to BRIEFLY explain the one of the most complicated game (not to mention VERY hard and time consuming) that i have ever played on my HD.

Keep in mind, this game is a day by day basis and time (unlike most Koei games which uses turns) dont wait for you. The only way to pause time is to enter a castle menu and think of what to do. This is especially headache causing when you have a lot of cities. Also, most commands such as "search for patron" "search for treasure" cost 1000 dollars. Not to mention most activities cost 1000 dollars (Farming, water, and castle building). and they do take a long time. Also these activities makes a person tired. Thus having an inn for them to rest. One thing bad about the menu screen is that it is not very informative and that this game can get very confusing.
Remember, this is a day by day basis, so you have to wait for the generals to finish their duties before you can do it again. Most tasks takes around 15 days so this part of the game is the boring time. Just like in Koei games, this game have items you can gain. Like weapons, books, horses, etc. that increases your status.

Moving to the battle sequence, not much of a sango game without the battles. The battle system here is also very confusing. You can pick one on one fighting, or attack with soldiers. The one on one fighting have no control, it all depends on his attacking power. While the soldier system is like starcraft. Where you move soldiers at the same time the enemies are moving. No more turns here, just regular real time battling. The hardest part in the game though, is getting ready to battle. The food you carry with you is very important. If you ran out of food, soldiers will start to flee. Why do i say this even though it is common knowledge? Because during winters and food goes away faster, and this game doesn't attack a city right away. It actually walks there day by day. And if the city you are attacking is far, as in road length (even though it is right next to you) then you will need a longer time to reach there.

Pros: Great graphics, nice battle system, very real gameplay feel.

Cons: Headache causing. This game is just simply too time consuming. Very hard to beat as well. Very confusing menu buttons, and very boring since you need to wait for generals if you do not have much cities or wait for money to build up, and if you have a lot of cities, taking care of all the cities are very very painful.

Final Statement: This game is extremely hard. One of the hardest Sango series i have ever played. The day by day basis is really boring, and this game will give you major headaches.

Game Recommended To: Sango fans and people who have always wanted to be in politics. This game can't get more real to politics. Simply because you will feel the stress and pain when you try to deal with all of Cao Cao's city.
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