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Name: Gundam The Battle Master 2 (76.67% in 6 votes)
Type: FTG
Platform: PSX
Company: Bandai
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Tamahome

Gundam the Battle Master was a great hit when it was released in the beginning of 1997 by Bandai. Because it uses sprite actions, the action of the mechas looked really good and runs really smoothly. A couple of months after the first gundam battle master release, Bandai has done it again with gundam the Battle master 2. The system of Gundam the battle master 2 is quite different from its predecessor and is not just a blast from the past.

GTBM2 features more mobile suits than the first game. The new mobile suits include mobile suits from Zeta Gundam plus the hydra gundam from Gundam W : Dual story.

Overall the game is good. It presents more of a challenge than GTBM1. Instead of having a punch, kick, Sword and weapon button, it is just plain weak punch, strong punch, weak kick and strong kick. The weapons and the sword moves cannot be executed unless you do different joypad motions like the fireball in street fighter. There are now limited amount of ammunition and once that's used up, your gun is pretty much useless. There are now limits to the amount of time you can fly in the air, and your energy will no longer regenerate. Because the some of the mechas move very slowly, it is hard to chain combos. To make up for that, bandai has added a system of super attacks which could be used 3 times while fighitng each opponent. these moves will often deal out a lot of damage to the opponent.

Gameplay: 7/10
slightly improved from the first game in the sense that it is harder to kill the opponent. some of the special moves are fun to use, like gundam ZZ's super beam, cause you can do it while the enemy is lying down on the floor for free hits :) Plus it supports the vibrating pad. The pad vibrates everytime you are hit.

Music: 5/10
to tell you the truth, the music is so soft that I can't even hear it with all the battling noises. The cut scene music is boring so it does not leave any impression on me.

Graphics: 8/10
For a 2D animated fighting game for the psx, it is very good. It uses the sprite system of animation, so the actions of the robot will not seem choppy. The mechas are done in great detail as well.

Story: 5/10
Like all fighting games, it does not really have an intriguing story. However, it does have a better story than the first game.

Overall: 6.25 /10
Again, it might be unfair to give a fighting game a story rating, but hey, fighitng games are games as well, and companies should really look into adding more story and music into fighting games. This game is pretty good, and I would recommend it for anybody who is a major fan of gundams or just wanna try out a mecha fighting game.
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