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Name: Guardian's Sword (82.50% in 8 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: TGL - Japanese
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Lamuness

Guardian's Sword is a Chinese RPG made by TGL. ...What?! TGL? I thought TGL is the famous Japanese company who made the Farland Story/Saga series! Yes, but TGL opened a branch in Taiwan and they hired Chinese programmers to create their first Chinese-made TGL game. In my opinion, Guardian's Sword is a very very successful RPG.

The game is about a traveller called Shot, who lost his family, friends, and most importantly, his lover during a war at his hometown (which got destroyed) with the demons. He travels around the world in search of the Guardian's Sword, which rumored to have the ability to grant a wish to whoever that discovers it. Shot looks for the sword hoping to revive his lover Lois. Anyways, Shot came across a town hoping to earn some money for his travels. However, he soon discovers that this town is soon to be attack by the demons, just like his hometown. What also caught Shot's attention is that it is rumored that the Guardian's Sword is buried deep under this village. So Shot, with the help of several new friends, starts to search for the Guardian's Sword, as well as prevent the village from the demons.

This game combines all elements from other RPG engines. For example, it uses the Final Fantasy 3rd-person view, as well as the real time battle system. What's also interesting is that it uses the same battle engine as Dragon Knight 3, in that the characters will repeat the same command over and over until you change the tactic yourself (can be done anytime). Also present are limit breaks like Final Fantasy 7, as well as a variety of magic and skill, and their effects are very impressive. The sound effects and music (cd-da) are fantastic as well. Not to mention that the Anime-style graphics is extremely well done. The character interactions are dealt very nicely, but very sadly the ending is not as good, leaving several issues unresolved.

What's original about this RPG is that you walk horizontally, unlike many rpgs where you have an bird's eye view and the person walks on a grid. Also when a battle starts the battle background is EXACTLY the same as what you see on the map (if at the time of battle there is a sign 128 pixels from the left, in the battle there will be a sign 128 pixels from the left at the background). This is something that MANY RPGs don't have. Also, besides exploring places and kill enemies, there are lots of puzzles for you to solve, and many of them are mathematically based.

I can tell you that there are SO MANY pros about this game that you really have to play it to experience it. However, it does have some bad points. First, this game is the hungriest game ever - 300 megs. Also, cd-da tracks are too short and can be annoying when cd turns and freezes and replays the track every 45 seconds. Sometimes the bosses are very or too difficult. The puzzles are not too hard but can be annoying. Finally, since you walk horizontally, and the background is very similar in each area, it is very very easy to get lost, and it is safe to say that you need to memorize all the routes or draw a map with a pencil and paper.

However, despite the very minor flaws, this game ROCKS! Guardian's Sword is undoubtedly one of the best Asian RPGs of the year. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes Anime-style RPGs and can read Chinese (you need to know Chinese to solve some of the puzzles). It is fun to play and very enjoyable! I command thee to go get this game now :P !!!
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