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Name: Grandman
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Unknown
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Nameless

Another standard rpg with the kung fu alike storyline. All the characters and the moves are wildly exaggerated to make it intreasting. Usually the story is kinda complicated and differcult to translate into english, basically, you play as the heroes and make them stronger as the game progress and eventually will destory the evil forces at the end. If you really want the details, just play the game.

Like i say before, this is a very standard game, so you'll notice all the basic simularities among other rpg. You explore from place to place looking for clues while fighting enermies to gain experiences which in turn make your characters stronger. There are weapons you can equip and medicnes for healing purpose. The battle in this game is not randomly encountered, the enermy are visible on the map and that means some are avoidable. During the encounter, you can use normal fighting or your special moves(require special power) to kill or combie all your character's special power to do big damage on all enermies. You can defend, or just run away which i find the chances are very slim. Either enermy die or you die, so save the game often.

the good - decent graphics with good story line, but nothing really stands out to make this game better.

the bad - the game is fairly differcult, unless you spend some time building up your character's level. Since there aren't many enermy type in each region, this could get nuisance. The screen doesn't automatically scrool with your character, makes it hard to see whats ahead of you. The equip option is the worest, it doesn't show which items are being used, therfore i might sell something i already equipped without knowing. Unlike any other game, money in this game is not easy to obtain.

the bottomline - Theres plenty of these kung fu rpg clones out there thats are better, but if you are really fans of these type of game, then give it a try. One thing for sure, its much more fun playing than reading a kung fu book.
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