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Name: Gran Turismo (56.67% in 3 votes)
Type: FUN
Platform: PSX
Company: Sony
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Tabris

GT, a symbol often seen on cars such as the Toyota Celica GT. In definition, the word stands for Gran Turismo, the name of this racing game.

To many critics, they proclaim this game to be the BEST racing simulation game on PSX. As for my opinion? I totaly AGREE. This game has the closest and precise feel of racing that ANY game has created. This game have two different modes, the arcade mode and the simulation mode. I love the simulation mode simply because you need to get a drivers license to race.

Well since there isn't much story i would give you the reader some information. The arcade mode is just like the name says, it similars any arcade game that you just go around courses to race around. (This is a good way to get use to cars you can buy because it offers some good racing competition). The simulation is the real game in my opinion. This is because in this mode, you have to get different degree of license and buy cars to participate in races. But the best part is, you can customize the car to your own fancy. You can put in some racing suspension, soft tires to match the car and road perfomance, increase turbine, or simply modify the car with sticker and weight reduction.

This game have over 150 cars and 11 car companies to buy from. When you win a race in simulation mode, you would get a car and money rewards and keep doing this until you have win every race.

There is so many tips and hints on this game that i would need a seperate page to talk about but I am going to give you some basic start-off hints and tips. Like driving a real car, there is a difference between FF FR and 4WD cars. FF have better front grip, FR tends to accelerate from the back and spin out at corners and 4WD tends to spin in at corners. When taking on major turns, ALWAYS use your Brakes and brake in a straight lane or else you will spin out. Turn in to the corner and accelerate out. FF, FR, and 4WD cars are really different to drive and every corner makes it more difficult for different cars. Look for braking spots and remember to start braking from that point. Keep trying and find a spot for your car. (Try to spot out trees, signs, or others to help mark these spots).

Many people might wonder what cars are good? Well here is my pick of top cars, the Mitsubishi FTO GPR version and Limited edition are my picks for overall car. Powerhouse Quick car would be a Skyline GTR with a 941 horsepower engine when tuned. The Viper (either version) is a really good america car to drive because of its good grip. And dont forget fun car to drive would be the DEMIO ASPEC and CRX SIR. These two cars have only a 200 horsepower engine when tuned but because of the weight (only 1500), these babies can literally fly and if your skillful, you can drive on two wheels and still beat the competition. (when turning, you can make these cars almost flip and drive while tilting).

Overall, this game not only combines great 3d graphics, but also great gameplay. The driving in this game is so similar to real life that it got my vote for best racing game.
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