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Name: Graduation (57.50% in 8 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Mixx Games
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Scream

As stated on the package, Graduation is "the first anime game to hit American shores!" And, in my opinion, Mixx Games did an excellent job translating it.

For those who don't know, Mixx Games is a division of Mixx Publishing, which is the same company who releases the manga anthology Mixxzine.

Anyway, Mixx Games' English version of Graduation is based on the the Japanese PC game Graduation (Sotsugyou) II: Neo Generation. The Graduation series is one of the most popular SLG series in Japan that has sparked several other installments on a variety of consoles, such as the Sony Playstation and the Sega Saturn. Some titles include Graduation: Crossworld, Graduation: Vacation (Graduation V), and Graduation III: Wedding Bells. But, to our dismay, none of those titles have ever made it's way to American shores. Nevertheless, Graduation seems to have played an important role in the rise of simulated life games in Japan.

Like many simulated life games, Graduation puts you in the role of a teacher who has the authority over the lives of five young, nubile girls. By the way, when I mean authority, I'm not referring to the idea of S&M since Graduation is not a hentai game. Anyway, as the teacher, you must successfully guide these five girls through academic and personal problems.

During the week, you can only teach one subject per week. You can choose from math, english, or history. As like many simulated life games, the subject you teach greatly effects each girls attributes. For example, if you decide to teach history for the week, the result may be an increase in the attributes of three of the girls while the attributes of the other girls decrease. It all depends on the interests and personalities of each girl. By the way, if you're wondering, the names of the five female students are Cyndi, Misa, Myna, Rica and Sari.

During the weekend, however, you don't get as much control with the girls. You can only interfere with one of the girls' activities during the weekend. Some of the activities you can choose are studying for a particular subject, assigning them to take an aerobics, gymnastic, or flower making class to improve their attributes, or allowing them to rest for the day.

Like all simulation games, there are several different endings that can occur in Graduation. To avoid spoiling the game, I won't provide any of the possible endings in this review.

Overall, I think Mixx Games did an outstanding job translating the game. The opening and background music are good, not too annoying, and the voice tracks are well done. The game's graphics are also well done. I would highly recommend buying this game rather than getting a ripped version off the Internet. But, if you must get it off the Internet, make sure the music and voice tracks are included because they really enhance the gameplay.

Also, as an added bonus for purchasing the game, Mixx Games added several extra files, such as sound files, icons, wallpaper, and song lyrics. There is also a gallery in one of the folders on the CD where every single picture from the game can be seen. You can also access this gallery when you beat the game, but you first need to be rated as a "perfect teacher."
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