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Name: Gekka Bijin (66.67% in 9 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Speed
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Iserlohn

Now, the game I'm reviewing today is called Gekka Bijin, by Speed. The name of the company is unfamiliar to me and I would appreciate any information regarding it.

Now the game.

You just moved out from home where your stepmother and stepsister live (reason explained later), into a house where four other females live, including the landlady/caretaker. You are also to study in a local temple. Things were slow going in the first few days and the player may wander what the objective of the game is.

As you soon find out, the monk you are learning from is a master of SM training, and you are to become a SM trainer under his guidance. Also, the landlady is the widow to one of the monk's pupil. The husband passed away before he can finish training her, and she has been in depression ever since. Now it fells on your shoulder to finish her training and lead her to happiness. Along the way you will also have the opportunities to interact/train other tenants in the house.

There are a number of bringing-up/tutoring types of games out on the market. Some are H, like Muku2, Alchemic Girl, Pastel Chime; some are not, like Princess Maker series, Graduation series, Tokimeki Memorial. Within the H category, SM scene is not uncommon. However, very few of the games I'm aware of are based entirely on SM training. The only thing that immediately comes into mind is the famous/infamous SEEK. Gekka Bijin is the true decedent of SEEK, with a lot more. (SEEK had a sequel called Weaver, which is an adventure game.)

In the game, you spend daytime talking. Depending on what you choose to say during the conversation, the girl's impression toward you will move up or down. A certain level of positive impression toward you will enable special events to happen. The impression level will also determine if you will have a good ending with any of the girls. At night, you will begin the training. Different "techniques" will have different results on each girl. As time progresses, more training options will be made available to you.

You have about one month of game time to spend. At the end of the month, you will bring one of your trainee to the master monk, and he'll determine if you are worthy of becoming a trainer. That is absolutely not enough time to fully train all the girls. I'd say you'd have a hard time trying to train more than one. You are likely to go back to the game several time to finish all the girls. So I guess there is some replay value.

Story: 8/10 Very Good
Refreshing and innovative, each girl has her own reason for going through the training. More personalities will also surface during your conversation with them.

Graphics: 8/10 Very Good
Pictures are very well drew, 16-bit true color. Characters have a very distinct looking to them. Unlike the bright, colorful, smooth edged AliceSoft/F&C/MaybeSoft girls, ladies in Gekka Bijin look darker, have more rugged edge,which is appropriate to the theme of the game in my opinion.

Music: - 7/10 - Good
"Girls can speak!" Most dialogs in the game are spoken, a direction most games are taking now. The number of music is limited in the game, which is fine. It's a shame that there are no music tracks.

Gameplay: 7/10 - Good
It's very exciting to see what the girls can do on the first time, then it become somewhat tiresome to see the same thing every night. That's where the "fast forward" key might come into play.

Remarks: This is a great title for the hardcore hentai otakus, a must-have for those of you who enjoy SM. This game is not for those normal anime gamers or causal h-gamers or those of you who despise violence against women. Kids, if you are reading this review, you know this is exactly what you should stay away from. Anyone enjoys this game should seek immediate psychological counseling, myself included. HAHAHAHA (insane laughers).
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