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Name: Galaxy Force Knight Division (50.00% in 1 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Snow Studio
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Nameless

Another rpg game share the similarties of many others, which is not having much of a story at all. Well, its very vague atleast. Anyway, the game start with a knight and an appentice save the princess from the clutches of a sorcerer. Together, they fleed to a forbidden place somewhere on earth and train their skills. As the story unfold, four other heroes join them and seek out the real reason of sorcerer's treachery. Turns out, the sorcerer was controlled by a greater evil from another dimension. Therefore, the final goal is to defeat the evil force.

The game is pretty simple to manage, cause its proceed as turn based. In every turn, you can either upgrade your equipments or earn experience in the underground dungeon by battling monsters. After every serval turns, you'll be able to know more about the story, sometime battling boss like monsters, but mostly just some funny conversation between the characters. Most of the gameplay is pretty standard, nothing really stands out. For example, you find weapons for attack, armours for defense and medicines for healing.

The good: Just look at the screen shot, you'll agree the graphics are nicely done, but it can't save a bad game. Some of the dialogues in the game is kinda funny, and those short scenes when upgrading are also cute.

The bad: Well, first there is not enough sound effects. While the upgrading scenes are fun to watch, but it'll grow old after seeing it many times in a turn, and theres over 300 hundred turns in the game, now you do the math. Not enough varity of monsters in the game, make you feel like fighting the same battle over and over again for many hours.

The bottomline: I don't see much fun in this game, unless you like to spend endless hour on upgrading equipments or leveling your characters.

The wierd: Compare to many other rpg, there doesn't seems to be any form of legal tender in the game. That means you can't sell all the excess equipment you find nor buy any extra healing potions.
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