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Name: Flame Dragon 2 (94.29% in 49 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: VHS/VCD
Company: Dynasty
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Lamuness

It's good to see that more and more reviews are appearing on Anime Densetsu. However, from what I have seen, the majority (like 90%) of the games are Japanese ones and are associated with the letter "H" (you know what I mean) in some shape and form. In the Asian PC gaming industry, there isn't *just* Japanese companies, and not all games are H. There are also Korean and Chinese games for example, and they are just as good. I hope you understand that there are great stuff beyond the Hentai world.

Sorry if I sound crazy. On with the smut.

First of all, one point I have to point out (also from what I see on the net). This game is NOT a Japanese game as some of you might think. This is a game purely and completely created by CHINESE programmers (no, it's not a translated Japanese game), and it's still as good.

The Flame Dragon Knights series is probably one of the most influential Chinese-made PC R-SLG's in the Chinese gaming industry. It is famous of its story, its Shining-Force-like gameplay system, and of course, its awesome battle animations. The first fd installment is released around 1994/1995, and it was a success. Fd2 is released a year after with ALOT of improvements in all areas, which attracted even more players, making it an even more successful piece than the previous game. In February 1998 Flame Dragon Plus, the newest installment of the series, is released. Tamahome did a review on it, so if you are interested, go to the link on the left.

The story of Flame Dragon 2: Legend of Golden Castle is the continuation of the first game. What happened in fd1 is that in order to put a seal to the Evil God, the Three Saints had to sacrifice themselves. Before the seal is put, the Saints asked Leter, the new King of Lotoria (and the main character of fd1), to raise and take extremely good care of a baby that will appear after the Evil God is sealed. This baby is the "offspring" of the seal, and as long as this baby keeps on living and has offsprings of his own, the seal will remain intact forever.

This baby is named Thor (or Soar in Fd Plus), and is raised up by Leter. One day Leter decides to retire and give his kingship to Thor, instead of his own son (the reason is obvious). However, Thor, who dislikes the royalty lifestyle and prefers to be an adventurer, does not really want to take the throne. He discusses the issue with his close friend, Knight Arles, and on their way home from some sword practice outside the castle, they discover a huge robot and an unconscious girl. The girl wakes up, and realized that she is suffering from amnesia. Thor decides to enter an unknown country far away from Lotoria and take this girl back home.

There is a lot of improvement in fd2. First of all, the story is definitely more interesting than fd1. Everything is drawn in a higher resolution. Characters are drawn better and the animations are smoother. There is more variety of music as well as sound effects in fd2 than in fd1.

Gameplay is probably the element that undergo the MOST improvement. Command lines are replaced by icons. Class change is more flexible (plus secret careers as well). Definitely more items and secret items. Also, the battlefield conditions are different now. Instead of just killing all the enemies, you have to worry about treasures that are lying all over the place, and you have to be careful that there are thiefs who will take the treasure before you do, so make sure to kill them first. Also, there are a lot of optional scenes and secret characters that will appear depending on what you do or how you do in battle. If you have only played fd1, you are missing a lot of fun in fd2!

Overall, I highly recommend this game to anyone who can read chinese. This game is fun and exciting to play. Even though this game is old and it's in DOS, it is still worth playing due to its superior quality.
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