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Name: Final Fantasy 6 (95.50% in 20 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: SNES
Company: SquareSoft Japan
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: KurenaiJiku

This is one of the best RPG's I have ever played in my entire life! Released in Japan as Final Fantasy 6 and in the US as Final Fantasy 3, inboth countries this game has done very VERY well. FF6 has many elementswhich can attract any person to this game; developed characters, excellent stories, powerful magic, awesome weapons, cool graphics. Heck this gameis a pure winner.

The story starts out as Tina or Terra Bradfort arrives atop a snowy peakwith two mysterious soldiers in magical mecha. Their conversation bringsmore curiousity as they talk about a type of crystal involving magicalpowers of unknown capacity. These are called Espers and carry mysteriousforces which were dormant for thousands of years. Humanity was about to repeat it's mistake it made long ago.

Long ago, there was a powerful force known as magic. (Go figure. ^_^)Humanity was able to harness magic and use it to their own abilities, howeverthey ended up destroying themselves in the process. The remaining survivorsstepped forward and forgot the notion of magic; they began to rebuild theircivilization. Steam engines were reinvented, electricity rediscovered andso forth. Many thousands of years had passed and magic was forgotten. However,the organization known as the empire had rediscovered magic, and begun a undyingsearch for the sources of it.

Another organization known as the Rebellion (That's an original name ^_^)had decided to attempt to stop the operations of reviving magic. Their previousexperience with magic had lead to be a bit wiser. Of course many of the main characters were part of the Rebellion. And you can have A LOT of characters.You have a variety of character each having their own little fun things aboutthemselves. For example, there is a character called Gogo and he is capableof emulating any character ability at a lower capacity. So if one charactercan cast the most powerful spell in the game; Ultima, then Gogo can cast it tooif you choose magic as one of his abilities.

I have to say there is too much in this game to talk about. I love this gameand to get maximum experience levels for all the characters and getting to theend of the game will take you 55 hours. It took me that long. =P Well, if you've got a SNES or emulator for the SNES that works well, hunt this gamedown because this will give lots and lots of joy. ^_^ Hunt it! Like aterminator 'cause I think that this game is worth all the trouble.

Graphics (technical) - 4/5
Graphics (creative) - 5/5

Sound (technical) - 4/5
Sound (creative) - 5/5

Technical Gameplay - 4/5
Fun Factor - 5/5

Diversity of Features - 3/5
Story - 5/5

Overall Value - 5/5
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