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Name: Fatal Relations (55.45% in 22 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Himeya Soft
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: DarkWhisper

"Your parents die and your fate changes when a millionaire wants to adopt you, so you naturally jump at the chance. you move into her mansion right away, and a charming old widow and her lovely daughters meet you. The sweet smell of her daughters lures you into a world of pleasure. As you drown in unbelievable pleasure, you learn their secret. It is simply..."

That is the premise of the game from Csware/Himeya Soft.

Your name is Ken Oshato a normal student living an ordinary life. One month had passed since your parents died in a car accident and you experienced a most surprising incident. A incredibly wealthy family adopted you. Mrs. Hayami the head of the one of the biggest private companies in the world. It was also the parent company of your father.

When you run the game you see the C'S logo and the C's ware presents which is shown in every english h-game translate by Himeya Soft from C's ware. By now you have familiarize yourself with this company and acknowledge them for releasing high-quality games. This is the first Winows game they released in english.

The game is an adventure game and for some reason I found the game too short. The plot had a good start but lost its momentum towards the end. There are exactly 7 women you will meet in the house including Mrs. Hayami the woman who adopted you and Sayori the maid. There is only one ending which surprised me because not many h-games have one ending anymore.

During gameplay you would realize that you have limited places to move and cannot roam the estate. There are lots of things that you are limited to do you don't have lots of choices to say when talked to and if you do it doesn't change gameplay. While this is the first game for Windows it is a first good try. By now there is lots of better games from Himeya Soft translated so try some other ones that is availble now.

PROS: The games graphics are out of date but aren't that bad the free cgs included are a bonus too ^_^

CONS: The plot could have been improved. You are only given a few choices when talking and there is only one ending though the game is too short too.

RECOMMENDED TO: People who wants to play an english hentai game who doesn't seem to mind outdated graphics and not much gameplay. Also if u want to play a better game try Divi-Dead, Kotobuki or Desire also from C's ware.
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