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Name: The Yakyuken Special (78.13% in 16 votes)
Type: FUN
Platform: SATURN
Company: Societa
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Hq9

The Yakyuken Special by Societa is a unique alternative to the strip genre of games. Instead of strip mahjong you play strip jan ken aka rock scissor paper (RSP). This is one of the older titles for the Sega Saturn dating back to 1995. So its rated X with full nudity. It's a pretty entertaining game if you have the patience to win.


There really isn't a story, you pick from a group of 12 beautiful young women and play RSP with them. There are the usual costume girls for the fetish lovers there is a tennis girl, a school girl, an elevator girl, an OL, a teacher etc.

It will start with a brief intro where the girl would state her name, age and other info. Next the The girl will do a little dance and sticks out her hand, you will be prompted to hit the A, B, or C button which corresponds to Rock, Scissor, Paper respectively. If you win, the model will remove an article of clothing, if you lose she dances again. In every sequence, the dance, the introduction, and strip, are all displayed in FMV.

You have to beat the girl a total of 5 times in order to fully strip her, and if she beats you 5 times you must start over. FYI rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, and paper beats rock. Sounds simple right? Wrong! The computer AI in this game cheats like a "MF" (pardon my initials :P) When I play RSP with people I don't expect to win everytime, but I'm not supposed to lose everytime either. After winning each girl is designated a key word which is a kana character which, when combined with the other girl's key word's will make out a famous japanese expression used for attaining a prize by Societa.

Scores Graphics 17/20 The FMV sequences are a bit grainy. Using live models is a nice touch. I find the majority of the girls in this game very attractive, which is rare in most japanese games which feature live actresses who aren't even cute.

Music 6/10 The little dance music is cute, but after hearing it a million times and being frustrated by the girl to finish the dance it loses its appeal. The rest of the soundtrack, is decent

Gameplay 8/10 its simple lay out is mediocre. Game rules and system are easy to understand.

Funfactor 10/20 this game could've been really fun, but the AI is too damn good. Its like they can read your mind or something. I have only beaten this game twice. Its not fun playing a game when you don't have a fair chance.

Replay Value 16/20 this game is so hard you really don't want to play it again, if it had an album mode which saved all your scenes, there would be more incentive to play again and again. But I can see persistant gamers play this until they can beat every girl, which should take a large quantity of time.

Omake 8/10, well the only thing that saves this game is that some of the models are very attractive, and seeing them strip well you know. There are also 12 models to choose from which is nice number. What the game is really lacking is an album mode where you can watch all the fmv scenes

Originality 9/10 This game is quite original, as a good alternative to mahjong. Using live models instead of anime is also very different. Its different from what I'm used to in terms of strip games on Sega.

Overall = 73% The Yakyuken Special triumphs in its simple game play, pretty models, and nice FMV. However the super powered computer AI takes the fun out of the game. This game could've really been good if they toned down the difficulty and added an album viewing mode. Over all its worth looking at and should keep the average male gamer amused and aroused for awhile.

I think Bill Clinton would like this, jk :)

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