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Name: Fancia (85.00% in 12 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: AIC Sprites
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: AkariHausu

Here's what everyone's waiting for, your own virtual pet CatGirl. This game was created by AIC-Sprites and released in 2 CD format.

The Game starts with the player having a cat girl delivered to your doorstep, from this point you get to raise her like Dogz/Catz style, feeding her, petting her, giving her a bath, and even abuse her (though I wouldn't recommand you doing this). each day you can do up to 6 activities with her, or you can also choose to skip a day by having her sleep, you can also take her out to the yard to play with her.

Her attidude towards you will change depends on what you do with her. She'll hate certain food from time to time (there's 8-9 different food items), she doesn't like taking bath too often, and she'll hate you for pulling her hair, brushing too much and such.

There's also dressing room to try on different custume (kinda like CardCaptor Sakura's battle custume), which you win thru events, (and belive me there's lots of em). small events occur from 10-15 day period, while large events (i.e. beauty contest, etc) occur every other month or so. you also win money from large events which is needed to keep a stady supply of food, medicine, shampoo, etc.

Graphics: 9/10
Charactor animation for game is very well done and very cute. she'll move around, roll over and smile at you time to time, and there's lots of animations in main events. Stills used in small events are also well done.

Sound: 9/10
There's total of 3 voices you can use with Fancia (you can only decide thru Setup program) each voice pack is around 200mb (that's why whole setup file's around 800Mb while install size is about 500). Each voice is different, possibly done by different voice actress.

Music: 7/10
Music is done with Midi, so its compairable with lots of other Japanese games.

Gameplay: 8/10
Although spending every day doing limited activities gets tedious after first few months, events are fun to play. Tho it coul've been better if they added screensaver mode or something like that like Catz/Dogz.
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